Sing, dance! immersive audio tour 

The organizers stay pretty vague on this one, intentionally keeping the surprise for those who decide to treat themselves to this unique silent disco. Visitors are advised to arrive 20 minutes before the time on their tickets and be ready to enter new dimensions as they put on their headphones to follow their adventurous tour guide. A lot of dancing and singing in the open air is bound to ensue as you become part of a secret community for this performance. Discover the dancer within and have a lot of fun this weekend! 

Books. Coffee. Spring festival 

Credit: freestocks (@freestocks) on Unsplash

Credit: freestocks (@freestocks) on Unsplash

  • March 2-7, 11 am - 7 pm 
  • Lenfilm
  • Free entrance

New season – new book, right? And it seems like no weekend can pass without a book event in St. Petersburg. What can we do – we love reading here. And coffee, naturally. At this event, you will not only learn the latest trends in the reading habits of citizens of St. Petersburg and pick up some freshly baked books as you are sipping that perfect coffee, but also get the opportunity to explore the wonderful space that is Lenfilm. A museum, a cinema, and a film studio, this is one of those spots in the city center that let you travel back in time and live the life of a 20th century intellectual. Find your next favorite book – and potentially some new bookworm friends – here! 

New Ideas: Water in the City exhibition 

As you might know, St. Petersburg is a city built quite literally on water – we live on islands, we cross bridges to get to places, and if we really wanted, we could get around the city center on boats. It is thus quite natural that artists dwell a lot on aquatic themes when they think about our good old St. Pete – and this time they were asked to conceptualize water in a fresh and original way. At this exhibition, you will see the creations of Russian and Japanese artists who integrate water into unexpected scenarios and ponder on the role it plays in a modern city. 

An Homage to Characters exhibition 

Finally, this exhibition gives you one more chance to reinvent St. Petersburg. It seems like every writer and poet just had to create their own “typically St. Petersburg-ish” characters – some gloomy, some posh, and some exceptionally mysterious. This time, it’s the turn of contemporary Russian artists to paint their picture of the city and populate its streets with new creatures. What will they be? Cosmonauts, dwarfs, snowmen – who will meet you there? Dare to enter the modern city myth and find out!