Exhibition: Andy Warhol and Russian Art

  • June 25 - September 19, 10 am - 10 pm daily 
  • Sevkabel Port
  • 800 rubles (500 rubles for students) on weekends or 500 rubles (300 rubles for students) on weekdays – e-tickets

Vibrance, bright colors, kitschy elements, and Marilyn Monroe – that’s probably what first comes to mind when you read the words “pop art,” and you’re absolutely right. Starting on June 25, the one and only Sevkabel Port presents an exhibition that opens the door to the world of pop art. The exhibition features the art of the legendary Andy Warhol, a renowned pioneer of the genre, as well as works by Russian contemporary artists influenced by the artist’s genius. This is your chance to see the popular-yet-controversial movement in a completely new light: discover its history, meet its representatives, see the paintings of American and Russian artists side by side, and explore the many facets of pop art both in Russia and abroad.

Exhibition: Ivan Shishkin. 1832-1898

When you’re in Russia, you can't help but learn who Ivan Shishkin is and see his most popular Morning in a Pine Forest – at least on “clumsy bear” chocolates. And at this exhibition, you’ll be fortunate to experience the unique talent of the greatest master of Russian landscapes at the Russian Museum. Featuring over 100 works, the exposition displays the artist's outstanding paintings in various techniques: his early self-portraits, picturesque landscapes and images, as well as lesser-known pictorial paintings and sketches from the museum’s collection.

Photo exhibition by Anatoly Cherkasov

  • June 24 - August 8, 11 am - 7 pm (Mon, Wed, Sat, Sun) and 12-9 pm (Tue, Thu, Fri)
  • 150 rubles –  e-tickets only

This weekend is indeed generous in exhibitions but luckily, there’s no such thing as too many exhibitions, right? If you’re into photography, the photo exhibition by Anatoly Cherkasov, a Russian photographer and a virtuoso of platinotype, is your go-to choice for this weekend. There, you’ll see the artist’s moving works on the topics of nature, human psyche, family, and farming. Only a few people use platinum in their practice and Anatoly Cherkasov is one of them, masterfully applying this technique to show the world in all its diversity. Nothing but captivating, fully immersive, and aesthetically pleasing.

Moscow Urban Fest

  • July 1-4
  • Online
  • Free entrance

The digital world has its pros, too. No need to hurry to buy tickets to Moscow – now, you can enjoy Moscow Urban Fest, the city’s largest open-air urban festival, from the comfort of your very room. Set in Zaryadye Park, the festival offers an eventful program full of various lectures and discussions, workshops, movie screenings, and sports activities – all available online. What will a post-pandemic city look like? The experts know the answer, and you will discover it soon, too. Join to learn!