Enjoy the city’s holiday look

There’s nothing more magical than seeing St. Pete decked out in all its glory – with holiday lights and decorations, bustling fairs on every corner, and, of course, the star of the celebration – the retro-themed fir tree in front of the Hermitage. Nevsky Prospekt and Palace Square are where the magic happens but all of St. Pete is fully ready to greet the new year, from the downtown to the suburbs, so even your routine commute can turn into a stroll full of holiday spirit. 

Get merry at the market

Holiday-themed markets shine bright around New Year as go-to places for last-minute shopping and active hangouts with friends and family. For when you want to go all-out, head to the Christmas market at Manezhnaya Square for a trdelník (a sweet cake) or špekáček (a roasted sausage); Market at Nikolskiye Ryady for a ride on a merry-go-round or a go on a slide; Christmas Bazaar at New Holland Island for a gift hunt and a yummy bite; Art Market at Yelagin Island for ice skating and handmade finds; or New Year’s Pop Up at Sevkabel Port for hot beverages and delicacies from around the globe – all working through the holiday week.

Skate to your heart’s content

Aside from everything else, the city offers a range of ice rinks for any liking, skating skills, and even view preferences, with the most-visited being:

Take part in a festive extravaganza

The holiday week off is the perfect time to catch up on all the events in the city. Before New Year’s or after, once the venues are back in business (staring January 2 or so), you can make the most of the holiday season by:

Stay tuned to learn our picks for ways to keep yourself busy when it’s too cold outside. Coming next week!