The Joys of Spring, As Told By The Vitamin D-Deficient

To misquote Leo Tolstoy, spring is the time of plants and wishful thinking projections of good weather. Now that the season has finally sprung in St. Petersburg, here’s what we at the ITMO.NEWS editorial team love about it and expect of it. Spoiler: 90% of this is just our gushing about the slightly warmer temperatures. (We live in the north, okay?!) Enjoy – and happy spring!


Maryam R.

Spring in St. Petersburg is both wonderful and terrifying. Depending on how graciously the snow melts, the beginning of spring can be quite unpleasant walking around the place looking at piles of muddy ice and bare trees, but then that moment comes when the temperature switches to +C and out of nowhere there is green sprouting from the trees and there's grass! How a seemingly lifeless and dead tree turns into a brilliant colourful breathing organ is pretty miraculous. So as we ease into the warmer days I look forward to switching coats, looking for my umbrella and just enjoying the greenery. Let there be green!

Nastia K.

Are we ready for the most original answer ever? Okay, here goes. As probably any given person in any given city of any given country north of the equator, I like spring because, groundbreaking fact, the weather is getting warmer, (more often than not) striking the perfect balance in April – beginning of May. And by that I mean, not too chilly but still a little bit, like fresh kind of chilly; warm but not to the degree that you can fry stuff off the pavement. (As you can see, the weather is something I think a great deal about.) Also, I like spring because of Easter, and I like Easter because on Easter, my family practices a blessed tradition of ordering a massive takeaway and eating till we drop, and then some. We usually (read: u-u-usually) go to a classical music concert or something even remotely “cultural” first to keep up the facade, but this is the part of our get-together that I think all of us are most looking forward to each year. Because food is good, eh? Food is good.


Anna H.

To me, spring is always about great things to come. It’s about beautiful reflections in puddles and a chocolate-dipped ice cream cone. It’s about polka-dot rubber boots and new fuschia mules for when it gets dry. And about day trips. And letting things blossom, be it new projects, friendships or romance. It’s about fresh air in my bedroom and new ideas. And of course, it’s the anticipation of summer, which is now just around the corner.

Vadim G.
On close inspection, spring isn't all that great. It's muddy, humid, and it straddles the weird line between "too hot for winter clothes" and "too windy to be warm". And yet you can't help but love it; not because of what it is, but what it promises. Spring is a taste of things to come. It’s an exciting trailer for a movie you won't see for another couple months, filling you up with anticipation and making time feel slower and faster at the same time. And that’s what makes it so special.

Nastia L.

Every year at the beginning of April, when, exhausted after the months of freezing cold, I start thinking for real about moving somewhere to the Black Sea coast right away, it suddenly becomes all sunny and bright and warm, as if to remind me how much I love spring in St. Petersburg. Probably, even more than summer (this is one of the reasons I’m not moving to sunny Sochi after all). It’s never too cold, nor too hot, it’s just right. I love later nights and earlier mornings, nice spring shoes and lighter jackets, snowdrops peeping through the snow, and the burst of energy I feel even without the usual morning coffee. 

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