Charity fair by Upsala-Circus

Upsala-Circus is a unique project that combines modern circus art and social pedagogy to foster the creativity and improve the lives of the children at risk. To celebrate the nationwide Children’s Day, they’re putting up a not-your-typical Sunday market. Participating as venders will be young St. Petersburgers aka the shining beacons of wisdom and maturity who volunteered to sell some of their stuff, including the handmade kind, to spread the important message of charity and cherishing old, well-loved things full of history and heritage. The program also includes performances by family bands, workshops and a food court. Half of the proceedings will go on to supporting Upsala-Circus social projects.

Music evenings at Cats Republic

  • June 2, from 8pm
  • Cats Republic on Liteiny Pr. 60
  • Tickets: for donations

What can be better than music and cats? Music and cats combined, of course. (Not when they decide to stretch their vocal cords under one’s window at three in the morning, though, but we digress.) In support of this time-honored adage, Cats Republic, self-professedly the first cat cafe in Europe, will host a series of live music concerts that starts on this Sunday, June 2. Rocking the cat-tastic gig will be the local acoustic band The Clefers, who’ll perform covers of famous pop and rock songs à la lounge and chill-out. And there will lots and lots of deadly cute cats. Proof here. So cute we decidedly can’t.

Pagliacci at Annenkirche

Revolving around a tightly-knit (think Gordian knot tightly-knit) commedia dell'arte troupe, Pagliacci (Clowns) is one of Ruggero Leoncavallo’s most famous works. You can revisit this heartrending tale of love and betrayal (aren’t they all, though) this Saturday and Sunday, in two original-language performances in the eerie interiors of Annenkirche. The cast of over 100 people includes the crème de la crème of local music talent.

Wildlife photo exhibition

  • May 28-July 21
  • Rosphoto museum & exhibition space
  • Tickets: 150-300 rubles

Limpid mountain lakes, sky-blue rivers, seas and richesses of local flora and fauna: travel through Russia’s wilderness with the photo exhibition organized at the Rosphoto space as part of the 4th Wild Nature Festival “Pristine Russia”. Giving nature the credit it deserves, the display features stunning works by Russia’s most well-known nature photographers, including Sergey Gorshkov and Evgeny Gorinov.