This Weekend in St. Petersburg: December 28–29, 2019

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it! We have quite an unfestive weekend program on our hands, for better or worse, but remember that you can always up the holiday factor thanks to the numerous winter fairs happening all throughout the city. But for now, here’s what this overview has to offer: a weighty sculpture exhibition, a magical ice festival, a celebration of hairdressing as art, and otherworldly paintings!


Exhibition “When Wood Will Turn Into Stone”

  • December 19 – November 2020, from midday to 9pm on Wed, from midday to 6pm on Thu-Sun
  • Anikushin Studio
  • 50 rubles for students, 150 rubles for everyone else

Want to think about something truly deep and philosophical right before the New Year? Check out the “When Wood Will Turn Into Stone” sculpture exhibition at Anukushin Studio to reflect on the essence of “momentary and eternal, change and permanence, life cycles and your personal perception of time” (at least this is how the organizers of this weird yet seemingly fun event describe your options). The funniest part is that some of the exhibits are said to change right before your eyes: some of them will turn into dust in mere months, while others will get covered in icy crust. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

We have no idea about what exactly this... erm... object is trying to say, but we’ll just leave it here. Credit:
We have no idea about what exactly this... erm... object is trying to say, but we’ll just leave it here. Credit:

Ice Fantasy Festival

  • December 21 – February 9, 2020, from 10am to 10pm
  • Peter and Paul Fortress
  • 370 rubles for students, 470 rubles for everyone else
Look, a giraffe! (A brownie point if you get the reference.) Credit:
Look, a giraffe! (A brownie point if you get the reference.) Credit:

Just a couple of days is left till New Year and the city is all festive and fairy-tale like. However, 2019 has one more amazing winter event in store, the annual Ice Fantasy Festival of ice sculptures. Lots of renowned artists from Russia and beyond demonstrate their works inspired by this year’s theme “Live Planet”. Admire the elegant beauty of giraffes and snow leopards, awe at a huge tarantula, marvel at the Mermaid’s castle (don’t really get how exactly this is related to the theme but whatever) and pet the most charming St. Petersburg cats that have long become the symbol of the city, all carved in ice! 

British Hairdressing Awards “Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year” Exhibition

Cool ‘do. Credit:
Cool ‘do. Credit:

This isn’t a gimmick nor a dummy (well, maybe it *is* slightly gimmicky): this is Russia’s first exhibition showcasing the winners and finalists of the Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year nomination of HJ’s British Hairdressing Awards, aka the Oscars of hairstyling since 1984. In case you’re wondering about the purpose of it all, let it be known that the exhibition strives to encourage the viewers to look at hair as a canvas for the creation of inspirational and awe-inspiring artworks. In other words, “Claire, it’s French”. Or, “Claire, it’s Hairstyle as the Zeitgeist manifesto”. Ahem.

“Above the Earthly Commotion” Exhibition

  • December 24 – January 12, Tue, Thu–Sun from 10.30am to 6.30pm, Wed from midday to 8pm
  • Fountain House
  • 200 rubles
Deep stuff. Credit: Larisa Berlin
Deep stuff. Credit: Larisa Berlin

Have a problem with the hustle and bustle of life on this godforsaken planet? Here are some solutions: relocate to another galaxy, sniff a poppy, get a puppy, or attend the new exhibition at the Fountain House. Displayed are outlandish artworks by creator Larisa Berlin, a vivid mix of singing angels, smiling mermaids, soaring pigeons, sly red cats, kind orange lions and blue roe deers that promises to lift you high above the earthly commotion. Just like that, huh, no ayahuasca needed. Bingo. The exhibition will also feature baubles by the pupils of the Tutti art school to up the holiday vibes.

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