Now, you can order cooked food or just groceries. Let’s start with the first option.

Pizza we love

  • Dodo Pizza: the main advantage of this company is being a very client-oriented business: they are great at communication and everything is organized in the best way possible.

  • Papa John’s: here, you can not only get a nice pizza, but also some tasty snacks like sweet potatoes (hard to get in Russia!) and wraps. (As an added bonus) their website is also available in English.

  • Yami Yami: they provide less “fast-foodish” pizza: it’s not very greasy and salty, so it’s a bit of a healthier option. There are also other meals available: soups, pasta, sushi and so on, all of high quality.

  • TelePizza: it’s a lesser-known company and it’s an advantage in this case, because as businesses grow, the quality of their production tends to decrease sometimes, but smaller ones must do their best to attract new clients, and TelePizza manages to do so.

There are, of course, many other options such as, to name a few, the internationally-known PizzaHut, Ollis, which provides not only pizza but many other meals too, plus Dostaevsky and Dva Berega, popular due to low prices – especially when you get several pizzas at once.

Asian food deliveries

Other popular types of delivered food include sushi rolls and noodles. Here we recommend:

  • SushiWok: it seems to be the easiest service to use, as they have lots of locations all around the city. They have an English website, too.

  • SushiShop, another popular service.

  • Once again, Yami Yami.  

  • Tokyo City, a restaurant that also has a delivery option.   

Restaurant deliveries

There also are delivery services such as Delivery Club and Yandex.Eda, which don’t make food themselves, but deliver it straight from the restaurants. Just put in your address and you’ll see all available options: you may find lots of familiar names.

For example, I can recommend Taco L.V., a Mexican place with burritos, tacos and quesadillas. I can’t judge its authenticity, but I know that, among other things, they have lots of vegetarian and vegan options, and it all tastes good. 

Grocery delivery services

Three major services – Samokat, Yandex.Lavka, and iGooods – deliver food from supermarkets. These companies are quite young, so they are doing their best to satisfy their clients. It's a good time to give it a try, plus they usually give first-time users a discount. There are certain differences:

  • With iGooods, you can choose a particular store (METRO, Lenta, Prisma, etc.) and then choose the items you need. 

  • Yandex.Lavka is very fast and delivers in less than 30 minutes, but as of now, their delivery area is mostly limited to central St. Petersburg.

  • Samokat is available almost everywhere in the city, and they promise that the prices are the same as in the stores.

If all you need is a healthy snack, not a full shopping bag, I’d recommend Marcel Hroust, which delivers high quality freeze-dried fruits, nuts, and superfoods. They really know what they’re doing and pick their products very carefully. If you’re not sure about your Russian language skills, you can contact them in English through Facebook, VK, or Instagram.

General tips:

  • Sometimes it’s more convenient and quicker to order through a delivery service than directly from a restaurant. For example, if you want to order something to a remote part of town, not all restaurants can afford delivering there, but Delivery Club and Yandex.Eda can. It usually takes around an hour for them to deliver something if the restaurant is not located in your neighborhood.

  • Unfortunately, most of the aforementioned sites don’t have an English version. However, placing an order usually doesn't require you to get on the phone with a Russian speaker: an online order is enough, and, thanks to the pictures and online translation tools, it’s not that complicated.

  • Some companies make phone calls to confirm the order, so if you’re not ready to speak in Russian, it’s a good idea to mention it in the order’s comment section, just in case they’ll decide to call you and list everything you’ve ordered very quickly (even native speakers aren’t always able to understand this).

  • Don’t forget to check the discount sections (usually called “акции” (sales) or “промокоды” (promocodes)) to save some money.

As you can see, there are lots of options, so stay well, don’t starve yourself and enjoy tasty food without leaving your couch!