While making this list, I tried to think of everything that would spell out Dandelion Wine, Amelie, or somehow even A Rainy Day in New York, while also representing that nonchalant spirit of summer which was so brilliantly captured in one of our recent articles. The list is divided into three sections, providing you with seven ideas each for sunny, gloomy, or rainy days. 

On a sunny day

Needless to say, a sunny day in the summer is enough of a celebration in itself. But just to make it even more exciting – or in order not to start taking such days for granted – you can do one of the following and turn each into something memorable:

  • Walk barefoot 
  • Lie in the grass and watching the clouds pass by (and possibly sunbathing)
  • Go out for a picnic
  • Take a trip to the Gulf of Finland
  • Build a sand castle (not necessarily on a beach – even a sandbox will do)
  • Drink iced coffee or lemonade
  • Feast on a melon or a watermelon for lunch
Credit: Samantha Fernandes (@samfernandes) on Unsplash

Credit: Samantha Fernandes (@samfernandes) on Unsplash

On a gloomy day

Gloomy days, on the other hand, can feel like a bit of a letdown, most of all because they pretend to be early September instead of mid-June or early July. Here are our ideas to help you ward off any such thoughts:

  • Eat handfuls of berries to scare off the gloom
  • Blow soap bubbles outside to watch them surf the wind
  • Draw your own sidewalk chalk masterpiece
  • Fly a kite 
  • Enter a water gun fight with your friends
  • Go on a roller skating adventure
  • Wear your brightest, most colorful outfit (preferably something that feels special)
Credit: Kolby Milton (@anikolleshi) on Unsplash

Credit: Kolby Milton (@anikolleshi) on Unsplash

On a rainy day

Finally, rainy days, if seen from the right angle, can present wholly new discoveries – especially for that inner child of yours who is craving to do something typically forbidden, like walking in the rain. Here is our take on how to acquire this mischievous perspective:  

  • Arrange a date (with a partner, friend, or yourself) in a park and listen to drops drumming away on the leaves
  • Walk umbrella-less
  • Record your very own “Rain Sounds” track 
  • Dance in the rain – and really commit to it
  • Make your own creme brûlée to break the crust Amelie-style
  • Read a book or journaling while romantically looking out of the window 
  • Watch your favorite cartoons or discovering some of the recent masterpieces (here is some inspiration)

Bonus item

  • Spend a whole night walking to enjoy the white nights in full (a pro tip: don’t pick a rainy night for this activity and make sure to get enough sleep afterwards)

We wish you the best possible summer, however you decide to spend it! And if you’d like to plan some exciting summer activities in St. Petersburg, check out what we’ve written on the topic – tons of ideas are heading your way.