“As digitalization is rapidly developing today, it is essential to train high-profile specialists with the competencies of the future, and that is exactly what this collaboration with ITMO is aimed at. In the future, ITMO Highpark will become home for a tech valley and a business park. It will be a platform for development, testing, implementation, and promotion of new solutions to international markets,” says Alexander Beglov. 

The ITMO Highpark will occupy 112.7 hectares, which will house three research centers, 50 international laboratories, and at least five innovation production sites. The new campus will naturally also be home to university buildings, dormitories, student clubs, as well as a gym with a swimming pool, university administration, and engineering infrastructure. 

“ITMO Highpark means a synergy of education, science, and business, which will result in groundbreaking research and projects that will improve human quality of life. It is crucial for us that we collaborate with the Russian and St. Petersburg governments in the implementation of this strategic project for our city and country. ITMO Highpark is a unique new model of university development, technology transfer, and design of end-to-end innovation products. This synergy of high-caliber young and dynamic scientists, progressive infrastructure, and, naturally, talented students is key for research and technological leadership of our country in its priority fields,” comments Daria Kozlova, ITMO’s First Vice Rector. 

The future Highpark site has no prior construction, the project has also been approved at a public hearing.