Silent films with live jazz music

Here’s something light-hearted for your weekend: a win-win combo of jazz and classic silent comedies, screened in the heart of the city. You will get to see The Tramp (1915), The Scarecrow (1920), and The Pawnshop (1916) to early jazz tunes performed by the band Easy Winners. Find your ticket here and get ready for a cheery evening to remember.

Masters of Russian impressionism 

Impressionism didn’t take so well in Russia: there wasn’t a solid community of painters like there was in France, where the movement originated. However, some of the notable landscape artists did explore the breathy painting technique, making it a little more solid and materialistic, while also focusing more on the countryside instead of cityscapes. You can explore the Russian take on impressionism at the memorial museum of Arkhip Kuindzhi. Take this chance to also learn a little about the celebrated artist who was a bit of a revolutionary in his time. 


  • Until April 7, 11 am - 10 pm
  • ArtMuza
  • Free

Could this be the impressionism of our time? Just a short walk away from the Arkhip Kuindzhi Memorial Apartment-Museum, you will find the ArtMuza cluster, with a brand-new exhibition that explores the intersection of consciousness and technology. In the artworks created by the Triumvirat collective, you will find an original outlook on the future in an intricate geometry of forms and a measured color palette. What image of the days to come will you decipher in the exhibits? And how will it stand against the visions of the past created by the impressionists? These are some questions to ask your inner art historian as you stroll down the gallery halls.

St. Petersburg Fair

It’s a classic that can never go wrong: spend a day or two at Sevkabel picking up new tidbits for your spring home or wardrobe makeover. As usual, you can expect to see designer clothes, a selection of vintage items, some small and big local brands with everything from accessories to organic cosmetics, a DJ set, and food trucks. Also, a natural bonus of the location: a prime view on the Gulf of Finland, still a charmer in any weather.

Aftersun at Avrora Cinema

If you want to extend your Oscars season a little longer, come to see the performance that secured Paul Mescal a Best Actor nomination. Aftersun is a coming-of-age story exploring the relationship between eleven-year-old Sophie (Frankie Corio) and her father Calum (Paul Mescal) was named one of the best films of 2022 and a promising debut for director Charlotte Wells. Come to watch and make up your own mind about the film – get your tickets here.