Robotics researchers at ITMO have succeeded in developing a novel new engineering system. Their three-step algorithm uses the principles of morphological design to produce structural designs for new robots based on their desired performance and format. The software is devised as a support tool for robotics engineers in a variety of fields and promises to deliver the maximum efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

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Today, products ranging from jewelry to scientific equipment are protected from forgery using the method of color laser marking – an ingenious technique that combines lasers, glass, and a variety of metals. There is one problem, though: as only one color can be applied at a time, the more complex labels take more time to apply. Thankfully, a recent study from ITMO may have found the solution. The scientists’ multi-metal alloy serves as a kind of “palette,” shortening the entire process down to a mere couple seconds. Other benefits include simplicity of production and durability of the protective labels.

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Credit: ITMO University

Credit: ITMO University

Future scientists: this is your reminder that the admission campaign at ITMO is still in full swing! In recent weeks, ITMO.NEWS has put together several compilations of the university’s most exciting Master’s programs:

First off, we’ve got a list of top choices for anyone interested in truly interdisciplinary education. These six programs take the best of hard and soft sciences to immerse you in the newest and trendiest fields – from urban studies and UX design to science communication and science art.

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Next up is an overview of 10 programs you can find only at ITMO if you’re planning to study in Russia. Here, students learn to create software for the visually impaired, delve deep into infochemistry, invent high-tech foods, and strengthen public health.

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In related news, the university’s renowned Science Communication program is launching a new specialization called IT Communications. Students who choose to pursue this major will be trained to make technologies and software understandable and appealing to the public – and they will be helped in this endeavor by some of the Russian IT world’s top minds.

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STAGE exhibition: installation Safe Space by Daria Murashkina. Photo by Dmitry Grigoryev / ITMO.NEWS

STAGE exhibition: installation Safe Space by Daria Murashkina. Photo by Dmitry Grigoryev / ITMO.NEWS

Until June 20, denizens and guests of St. Petersburg have the chance to discover a whole new world with STAGE – an exhibition of works by graduates of ITMO’s Art & Science program. The young artists have produced an inventive, diverse, and thoughtful range of works on the subjects of mental health, life on Earth, and humanity’s relationship with technology.

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Yet another exciting display to visit – though this one is permanent – is the museum of vintage computers on Nevsky Prospekt, courtesy of tech giant Yandex. One of our writers recently visited the museum to see what it has to offer. Here, obscure devices sit side by side with worldwide bestsellers and cult gaming machines. And you can use them, too! 

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