Thursday, February 22

Exhibition: Cross the Equator

  • Until March 26, 11 am - 10 pm
  • ArtMuza
  • Free

Artist Alla Polkovnichenko is a true explorer, having traveled around Indonesia, Cuba, and Morocco. She captures all her travel experiences in paint, resulting in colorful, warm creations that are now exhibited at ArtMuza. Apart from pictures from completed trips, the artist presents her visions of travels to come, as she believes that dreaming about something is just as sweet as getting it.

Friday, February 23

On the big screen: One Life

A period piece based on a true story about one man saving many lives at the onset of WWII, starring Antony Hopkins and Helena Bonham Carter. Though definitely not a light watch, this is for sure a moving piece of cinematography with an unmistakable life-affirming message.

Saturday, February 24

Exhibition: Judgment of Paris. Birth of a Goddess

  • Until April 21; Mon, Thu-Sun: 11 pm - 7 pm; Wed 1 pm - 9 pm; Tuesdays are days off
  • Museum of Music
  • 400 rubles (150 rubles for students)

An exhibition all about talented women – ballet dancers, singers, actresses – is ongoing at the Museum of Music on Fontanka River Embankment. Titled after the eponymous picture by German painter Anton Raphael Mengs, the exposition is meant to make visitors consider the way each of us sometimes wears the shoes of Paris, idolizing a person and casting our judgment. Discover some previously unseen paintings by Russian artists and explore femininity in all its forms.

Sunday, February 25

Choir Seasons at Vitebsk Railway Station

This is one of a series of free choir concerts held at the historic Vitebsk Railway Station, each performed by a different choir from St. Petersburg educational organizations. On Sunday, you will get to hear performances by choirs from St. Petersburg Mining University and the Vocational School of Art and Culture of the Leningrad Oblast. After the concert, you can opt to take a guided tour of the station with an audio guide (300 rubles; in Russian).

Monday, February 26

Sawing Feelings Festival

What if spring came a little early? Well, it is just what this festival is all about: at the botanical gardens, dozens of flowers are already in bloom, heralding warmer times and sunnier days. This year’s specialty of the annual festival are lilacs in all shapes and forms, including some new breeds that have not yet been showcased to the public. Step inside this true oasis to bring spring just that tiny bit closer.

Tuesday, February 27

Heroes of Might and Magic concert

Concerts in tailcoats and jeans are back in town – and what a concert they have planned this time! In the first half of the evening, you will hear a jazz rendition of The Nutcracker suite performed by a trio of musicians. The second half will be a treat for all fans of video games: a full orchestra will perform themes from the game Heroes Of Might And Magic III. On that evening, the worlds of classical music and video games will collide, bridging a gap that often seems to be present between these two worlds.

Wednesday, February 28 

Romeo and Juliet ballet

Once again, we have TheatreHD to thank for a wonderful opportunity to travel the world without leaving St. Petersburg. This time, we are invited to Stuttgart to experience Romeo and Juliet as choreographed by John Cranko. This is your chance to see even more nuance in this world-renowned love story.