Among those who took part in the meeting from the University's side were Rector Vladimir Vasilyev, Ekaterina Tulugurova, Head of the International Educational Programs Department, Elena Gavrilova, Head of ITMO's Business Incubator and representatives of small innovative enterprises. During the meeting, they discussed issues that have to do with English-speaking students studying at ITMO University, educational programs in English and admission of USA applicants to our university. Members of the delegation showed great interest in the projects conducted by ITMO's business incubator, the selection process for startups, the volume and sources of investments in small innovative enterprises, as well as issues concerning the seed financing of startups.

ITMO's representatives also shared the secret of the university's popularity in St. Petersburg. According to them, it consists of several components: a unique team, the non-classical approach and disregard to hierarchy.

"This visit is definitely a milestone event for ITMO University. It reflects the approval of the university's high quality, reputation and projects on an international level," comments Ekaterina Tulugurova, Head of the International Educational Programs Department.

The guests from the USA also learned of ITMO's main educational and research focuses; other major discussions topics had to do with the university's sector for supporting innovative and entrepreneurial activities and plans for ITMO's collaboration with its partner universities from the USA. After the meeting was adjourned, the delegation visited ITMO's Museum of Optics.