Festival of Lights

The fourth event of this kind in St. Petersburg, this time the Festival of Lights will focus on the city’s history and include three major shows. “1917” will tell the story of the Russian Revolution, an account of its ten months from the uprisings in February to the storming of the Winter Palace. “Aurora’17” will focus on the famous ship that signaled its beginning, and “This city keeps me safe” will focus on the city’s image as depicted by famous writers and artists who lived here.

The shows will take place at the Palace Square and Petrogradskaya embankment from 7 till 11 p.m., November 4th and 5th; you can get any additional information on the project’s website.


Candlescent Pumpkin Show

A different kind of lights festival that will take place this weekend. The Candlescent Pumpkin Show might not be as technologically advanced as the Festival of Lights, or boast some grand historical undertone; yet, it offers great performances and lots of fun stuff. Every evening from November 4th to 6th, fire dancers, circus performers and, surely, the show’s guests will all become part of a massive Halloween-themed celebration that will take place at the Babushkina Park. If you’re a fan of mass gatherings, spooky stuff and festive atmosphere, be sure not to miss it!



A very curious event dedicated to the art of puppet shows, this year's BTK-FEST: The Theatre of Contemporary Puppets will expand on the different connections between puppetry and circus; in the course of five days, theater companies from France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, and Russia will present 19 shows united by this common topic. Contemporary puppet shows are definitely not the obvious choice for spending one’s free time, yet, they offer a really unique experience, so seeing one can actually be most rewarding!

TECH Weekend

TECH Weekend is a festival that is dedicated to modern technology and its latest practical applications. This time, the event will take place at the Central Museum of Communications, its program features robots, VR quests, lectures on cryptocurrency, neurostimulator trials and electric car shows.  

Pulkovo Meridian

Apart from the unique chance to visit Russia’s principal Pulkovo Observatory, the festival features an exciting program which includes lectures and musical performances, a fulldome theater, astrophotography exhibitions and a lot more. A great venue for both astronomy aficionados and common people, Pulkovo Meridian is definitely an event not to be missed. Located just outside of St. Petersburg, the festival’s site can easily be reached from the Moskovskaya subway station via a bus or a public taxi van; in any case, be sure to dress warm and check your route with 2GIS or some similar app.

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