ITMO University’s code ( V + F+ PS + SS) was shown for the first time during a meeting of the university's International Council in October last year. 

V – values, F – fundamental and unique, PS – professional skills and SS –  soft skills. All of the accomplishments of ITMO’s team over the past year are logically uploaded into the appropriate folders on the “desktop”. 

The 2017 Annual Report is styled after a regular interface and feels familiar to everyone who's ever used a computer. In clear infographic widgets, you can learn about the university’s strategic information campaigns (ITMO.START, ITMO.FAMILY and others), its largest and most important research projects, young researchers, academic mobility, international development and students’ achievements. 

“The annual report is an important project for the university, which, above all else, reflects the atmosphere we have here. The printed version of the report will be given to our colleagues, partners and friends in the near future”, - said Anna Veklich, head of the Department for Strategic Communications at ITMO University. 

You can check out the annual report here in English and in Russian