The Annual Report is a way for the team at ITMO University to share important stats, achievements, and plans. The illustrated report is openly accessible to everyone interested in learning about ITMO University.

A key concept of this year's report is the relationship between ITMO University and St. Petersburg. The University is inseparable from the city's history, spirit, destiny, and achievements, and that is evident from the yearly statistics. St. Petersburg's landmarks, vistas, and people are all part of the city's cultural code, written in part by ITMO University.

“We want this annual report to serve as your guide into the world of a university that is truly a part of St. Petersburg,” say the report’s authors.

This year’s Annual Report is split into sections focused on the key areas of interest for the University:

  • Strategic development: our development strategy up to 2027 and our placement in academic rankings;
  • Research: the University’s research and publication activities and grant projects;
  • Education and international development: new educational programs and international projects;
  • ITMO.TECH: the development of entrepreneurial culture and innovations at ITMO;
  • ITMO.FAMILY: the community, public events, and campaigns;
  • ITMO the “First Non-Classical”: science stand-up show Quantum Potential, summer festivals, and the new Telegram sticker pack;
  • Financial Report: research revenue, an expenses breakdown, and more.

The report’s introductory section focuses on ITMO University’s new development strategy developed in 2018. By working “hand-in-hand with AI”, the University aims to generate new knowledge, achieve leadership in scientific and technological education, and to establish a new international ecosystem.