Zhang Huan: In the Ashes of History exhibition 

Zhang Huan is a contemporary Chinese artist who uses a wide variety of techniques in his works, most notably applying incense ash collected from Buddhist temples. Another of his notable techniques is using photographs and wood carving in a peculiar combination of 2D images and bas-reliefs. In his creations, the artist touches upon the topics of politics, culture, religion, family, famine – and even, with a series of works created in isolation, the global challenges of 2020. His works are a unique combination of two perspectives and explore concepts associated with Chinese culture using techniques more common in the West. We say, this one is definitely a must-see for anyone wishing to acquire a broader understanding of the ever-evolving contemporary art. Don’t forget to buy your ticket online for a specific date and time. 

Interactive VR Exhibition 

  • October 24 – November 8, 2020 Wed-Fri 2 pm - 8pm, Sat-Sun 12 pm - 8 pm​
  • KOD at Sevkabel Port
  • 390 rubles for students 

To all geeks and technomaniacs, this is not a test! Over 40 cutting-edge VR headsets will teleport you to the first VR bar in Russia, bring you inside world-renowned masterpieces, give you the experience of Half-Life: Alyx that we know you wanted – and tons more! Since Cyberpunk 2077 has moved its release date yet again (we know!), this might be our only chance this month to rejoice at the age of technology permeating through every field of our lives. Take your fellow software-hardware fans and spend the weekend travelling through time to explore the mysterious worlds of the future. 

Market By the Sea: Vasileostrovsky Market 

  • October 10 – November 8 Sun-Thu, 12 pm - 9 pm, Fri-Sat 12 pm - 10 pm 
  • Vasileostrovsky Market 
  • Free entrance

Now, we regularly tell you about Markets by the Sea – with booths offering goods by local designers, creators, and small businesses, usually hand-made with love, originality and attention to detail. It might just be the place where you will find that last perfect accessory for your Halloween outfit or maybe a warm trusty scarf to bundle up over the winter. This time, however, we advise you to pay special attention to the location of the event. Vasileostrovsky Market is a relatively young but already very popular and beloved place, close enough to the city center and yet with this homely and warm feeling of Vasilievsky Island that it’s situated on. Maybe you’ll stroll to it through Rumyantsevsky Park and then down Repina Street (one of the narrowest ones in St. P) to truly get into the island mood that I am sure you won’t forget!

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