Techies Tell: Best Podcasts for Data Aficionados

Are you planning to become an analyst or are already working as one? Do you get a kick out of all things data? Here are six thematic podcasts in English for you to enjoy!

Credit: Megabyte Media

Accidental Tech Podcast

The authors Marco Arment, Casey Liss, and John Siracusa wanted to launch a car show, but accidentally created a technical podcast that went on to gain a huge following. Tune in to listen to their lively conversations about gadgets, technological innovations, and the latest in the world of Apple.

Learning Machines 101

Sitting beside the mic here are avid techies specializing in machine learning. In each episode of the podcast, they talk about solving real-world problems, such as how to use linear regression software for forecasting or how to create a neural network in order to answer questions about images. A very informative number!

Talking Machines

Presenters of this podcast give Google executives, scientists, and developers a technological third degree, asking them in-depth questions about the ethics of artificial intelligence and achieving equality in society, as well as throwing them various curveballs such as what the bias-variance dilemma is.

Linear Digressions 

Created by Katie Malone and Ben Jaff from the online startup Udacity, this weekly podcast covers a variety of topics in data science and machine learning, explaining intricate concepts such as hidden Markov models and their applications in solving problems in both life and data. The hosts manage to present complex topics in an incredibly simple and accessible way. Kudos!

Data Crunch

Presenters Jeannette and Curtis invite guests from all walks of life to talk about how our everyday is affected by data. How can machine learning and big data help restore family history? What will happen if you combine the Internet of Things and data science? Give the podcast a listen to find out!

Partially Derivative 

Every week, experienced technology and data scientists Chris Elbon and Jonathan Morgan get together to discuss the latest news in data analysis over a cup… of something, helping you stay on top of the newest developments in the field.

The article was originally written in Russian by Sophia Kulminskaya for Megabyte Media. Translated by David Prowse.

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