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  • Student Spotlight: Huiyao Dong, China

    You may have read our article on culture shock, but if you are a resident of Heilongjiang province in China, Russian culture will hardly be a shock for you. Meet Huiyao Dong, a first-year PhD student who shares with us the many similarities that she notices between Russia and her hometown. She also goes in-depth about her decision to return to academia and her project plans. Read on to catch a glimpse of Huiyao’s new life in St. Pete.


  • ITMO’s Advanced Engineering School Welcomes Its First Students

    In September 2022, ITMO University’s Advanced Engineering School received its first class of 55 Master’s students. Over the next two years, they’ll combine their primary studies with classes in data-driven approach and team management, all to become accomplished principal engineers. Today, we look at the school’s educational process, its differences from conventional programs, and the students’ impressions so far.


  • Switching From Robotics to Data Science: ITMO PhD Student Qi Yang on Courage to Do What You Love

    Qi Yang first came to Russia six years ago to follow his high school dream of getting into ITMO. After acquiring his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from ITMO’s Faculty of Control Systems and Robotics, Qi Yang realized that his heart was in big data and machine learning. That’s why he enrolled into a PhD program at ITMO’s Information Technologies and Programming Faculty. These days, Qi Yang analyzes social media data and develops unique methods for automated profiling. Read on to learn how working with data is more exciting than robotics and why it’s important to follow your heart when choosing your career. 


  • Data Science for Gen Z: ITMO Staff Ksenia Balabaeva Joins Gazprom Contest as Mentor

    Ksenia Balabaeva, an ITMO staff member, became a mentor for the participants of the Developing Talent contest organized by Gazprom Neft. Ksenia helped gifted school students solve IT problems inspired by the needs of today’s oil and gas industry. Learn more about the contest and Ksenia’s experience in this ITMO.NEWS article.


  • ITMO University Graduate Stepan Rakitin on Making a Career in IT and Working at a Startup

    Stepan Rakitin graduated from ITMO’s Master’s program in Big Data and Machine Learning in 2018, and then spent two years working as a Java developer at the largest European startup in fintech. These days, he lives in Berlin and holds a job at an American platform for data science. ITMO.NEWS got in touch with Stepan to ask him about making a career in IT, the unique features of studying at ITMO and the reasons for choosing a startup instead of a major corporation. 


  • WiDS Conference: How Data Science Helps Do Business and Identify Rare Diseases

    The main goal of the Women in Data Science international conference is to create a platform for experience exchange between successful women, establishing communications in the industry and consolidating their community. The idea originated at Stanford University, and now the event takes place in more than 150 places all over the world. On March 9, WiDS took place in St. Petersburg at the Higher School of Economics with speakers from such companies as Yandex, Biocad, etc. ITMO.NEWS put down the bullet points.


  • Techies Tell: Best Podcasts for Data Aficionados

    Are you planning to become an analyst or are already working as one? Do you get a kick out of all things data? Here are six thematic podcasts in English for you to enjoy!


  • Data Analysis and Scientific Approach: New Technologies Effect on Oil Sector

    Today machine learning helps companies to find a profitable location for a new salespoint, optimize purchases and improve employee efficiency. Artificial intelligence can tell you how to work with clients, keep them and increase their loyalty. Along with retailers and finance specialists, the energy industry is developing a large number of new technology projects. “The fourth industrial revolution dictates new rules for oil companies”, believes Pavel Sorokin, head of the Interaction with Universities Department and the Personnel Management Department of Gazprom Neft Science and Technology Center. In his lecture at ITMO University he presented the changes in modern industry, talked about the specialists in demand and explained the companies focus on fundamental education and cooperation with leading Russian universities.


  • Neural Networks Never Get Tired: Data Science Specialist Andrei Sozykin On Opportunities Offered By Neural Networks

    Neural networks help treat heart attacks, manage traffic, analyze images and advize banks which services to offer. With each day, they enter new areas of our lives, and companies find more and more applications for them. Yet, what are their inner workings, and how does one start his path to becoming a specialist on analyzing Big Data? Andrei Sozykin, head of the High-performance Computer Technologies Department of Ural Federal University answered these questions during an open lecture organized by ITMO University and the NVIDIA Company.