The event is organized by ITMO's International Research Center for Nanophotonics and Metamaterials, and will take place from May 15 to 19. During this time its participants - Master's and PhD students and young researchers - will hear reports by leading specialists in the field of photonics and metamaterials on different problems of plasmonics, optical mechanics, nanoengineering, terahertz technologies, optical and microwave materials, application of metamaterials in medicine, and others.

This is the second time the event is being conducted. This year, there are more foreign participants, and it is supported by international optics societies.

"If last year there were about six foreign participants, this time, there are twelve. Those are European Master's and PhD students - young researchers from Great Britain, France, Germany, Serbia, also there'll be students from the USA, India, Korea, China and the Philippines. The project's geography is already wide, yet, we hope there will be even more next year, shares Andrei Bogdanov, research associate of the Department of Nano-Photonics and Metamaterials.What's more, now we get support from such international societies as the IEEE Photonics Society and SPIE Students; we also signed an agreement with the eNANO Company - ROSNANO's sub-company that provides us with information support."

Apart from lectures, the school's participants will take part in project work. According to Andrei Bogdanov, during every lesson they will have to solve practical tasks prepared by the lecturers. The students will work in groups and present and defend their projects during the final exam on the fifth day of the school. Upon completing the exam, they will receive diplomas, and best projects will be awarded with prizes.

As for now, as the school's students start their work, ITMO.NEWS decided to ask them why they decided to come to Russia to study science.

Yeon Hong Kim, Master's student, Yonsei University, Korea

Yeon Hong Kim

As of now, I'm a Master's student, but in future I plan to do a PhD program as well. I am interested in plasmonics, especially its application in biophotonic structures. Currently, I am doing corresponding research that I want to continue after I get my Master's degree. This is why one of the professors at my university advised me to take part in the Nanophotonics and Metamaterials International Doctoral Summer School. This is indeed a great opportunity to learn more about the latest research in this field, and communicate with students from other countries. This is the first time I'm in Russia. The first thing that astonished me was the architecture - it's really different from what I've seen in other countries - back in Korea, in the USA, and all the other places I've been to.

Mohammad Alibakhshikenari, PhD student, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy

Mohammad Alibakhshikenari

I am from Iran, but now I'm doing my PhD program at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, where I do research on metamaterials application in antennae technology. This topic is very close to the topics of lectures of ITMO's Nanophotonics and Metamaterials International Doctoral Summer School. This is why I decided to come here and discuss some ideas on this field's development with my colleagues from different universities. This is the the first time I'm in St. Petersburg, it is indeed a very beautiful city, which has a lot in common with Rome where I live now.

Danka Stojanović, PhD student, University of Belgrade, Serbia

Danka Stojanović

The main topic of my recent research has to do with studying metamaterials and chiral nanostructures. I will soon complete my PhD program, which is why participating in serious scientific conferences and schools is really interesting for me, and will benefit my future work and research. I was advised to come to St. Petersburg to participate in the Nanophotonics and Metamaterials International Doctoral Summer School by a professor from my university. And I believe we made a good choice, as this school is aimed at PhD students who already do serious research in the field of photonics. I already got to hear about ITMO's International Research Center for Nanophotonics and Metamaterials, and their field of interests, research and projects is really impressive.