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  • Best Startup Projects at ITMO Accelerator’s Demo Day 2022

    Twice a year, ITMO Accelerator is running a three-month course for would-be entrepreneurs striving to learn to develop ideas from scratch, attract investments, find strategic partners, and, finally, present their ideas to experts. With another Demo Day passed, ITMO.NEWS prepared a brief recap of ITMO Accelerator’s Demo Day 2022. Keep reading to discover its top projects!


  • ITMO Graduate Daria Yakovleva on Building a Career in IT, Working at VK, and Launching NFT Startup

    Daria Yakovleva got her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from ITMO and is now a PhD student at the Information Technologies and Programming Faculty. Her career in IT began during her Master's studies with an internship in Silicon Valley and becoming a team lead at VK. Recently, Daria launched her own NFT startup that has already won the international hackathon by Algorand and was named best in its cohort at ITMO Accelerator. In this interview, we asked Daria about finding her purpose and why she left a corporate job behind to focus on her startup. 


  • Results of Latest Demo Day at ITMO Accelerator

    Another season has come to a close at ITMO Accelerator. Over the course of three months, students of various Russian universities learned how to launch and grow their startup. During the final Demo Day, they presented their ideas to an expert jury. ITMO.NEWS reports on the top five projects.


  • Active Winter Holidays with

    There are two types of people during the winter break: the ones who are ready to leave the comfort of their bed only to finish off the New Year’s salads and the ones who are eager to jam-pack their time off with various activities. For those who can’t imagine their holidays without moving their feet, a participant of ITMO Accelerator has created a special service called that will help them create routes for active and adventurous travel. Read on to learn how the website works and why it’ll be handy for everyone, not only experienced campers.


  • Startup Life: Find Your Silicon Valley Internship With ITMO Accelerator’s Latest Project

    Last month, ITMO Accelerator and ITMO Technopark launched a project that connects students with Silicon Valley startups. In this article, you will learn all about the selection process, the skills you need for a successful application, and the benefits of the internship. 


  • Apply Students Founder Vladislav Efimov on Launching Study-Abroad Startup During the Pandemic

    The Apply Students startup specializing in international education was ranked third at ITMO Accelerator. In this article, the company’s CEO Vladislav Efimov speaks about starting a global business in the midst of the pandemic, preparing for studying abroad, and applying to a university overseas.


  • ITMO Accelerator Winners on Their Virtual Dressing Room Project

    This summer, another season came to a close at ITMO Accelerator. At the final Demo Day, the first place went to EasyTry – a startup working on a virtual dressing room for online stores. Thanks to a new algorithm and a proprietary computer vision technology, the team’s app can grab clothes from one photo and transfer them to another. The algorithm doesn’t require any pre-made 3D models or multi-angled photos of the product. We spoke to Daniil Andreev, founder and CEO of EasyTry, about the project’s origins and how the developers overcame challenges to become breakout stars on the market.


  • Metrica Founders on How Their Platform Helps Analyze the Market and Make Business Decisions

    In 2020, Dmitriy Komarentsev and ITMO graduate Nikolai Golos launched the Metrica analytics service. In this article, Dmitriy talks about how their service facilitates decision-making, what startupers need to know about their competitors, and how the developers plan to enter the European market.


  • Microrevolution: On Home-Made Fermentation in the Modern World

    Home-made fermented foods and drinks, such as sauerkraut and mushroom tea, have been popular in Russia for the longest time and nowadays, there seems to be a new wave of interest in this topic among young people. In today’s article, we discuss this topic together with Valeriia Sofina, author of the Microrevolucion blog on fermentation.


  • ELS Access Co-Founder Evgeny Voronin on Shared Parking

    In July, ELS Access, a startup that supports shared parking spaces, became a runner-up at ITMO Accelerator. The team proposed an app that allows users to rent parking spaces both short- and long-term. ITMO.NEWS talked to Evgeny Voronin, the head of development at ELS Access, to learn more about shared parking in Russia, the project’s target audience, and their future plans.