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  • Summer Getaway: From St. Petersburg to Sortavala, the Republic of Karelia

    Mesmerizing waterfalls, centuries-old pines, and rocky cliffs – could you believe that all of these are just a ride away from our city? If you have been putting off the trip to "the land of a thousand and one lakes" for too long, this is your sign to finally hit the road. Here is what to see and do in Karelia.


  • Yekaterinburg: Discovering the Heart of the Urals

    On the intersection of Europe and Asia, Yekaterinburg brings out Russia's controversial nature and spoils guests with hearty pelmenis.


  • Kazan: The Unique Flair of Russia’s Third Capital

    My list of expectations for Kazan, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, was long. But, as usual, the real deal was much more complex and captivating. Here're my impressions from a trip in early June to help you plan your adventure or just learn more about Russia.


  • Best Getaways From St. Petersburg on a Budget

    If you already know St. Petersburg like the back of your hand, it’s high time to get onto the next level. So, stock up on food and water, put your backpack on, and get on a high-speed train (and don’t forget about student discounts) to your soon-to-be beloved destinations: exquisite park and palace ensembles, sandy coasts of the Gulf of Finland, mesmerizing caves, and stony lake-forest lands – all within your reach and wallet.


  • Beyond Moscow: The Other Capitals of Russia

    What if the capital of Russia was somewhere else but Moscow? Here’s our list of cities that could surely compete for this honorable title.


  • Castles and Fortifications: Russia’s Hidden Medieval Gems

    From medieval torture rooms and royal assassinations to walls that once saw real knights, here are some of the most spectacular castles and fortifications in Russia that just might inspire you to try on a suit of armor.


  • Where Bananas Become Hammers: Coldest Places in Russia

    Winter is about to kick off here in the Northern hemisphere, and that means frost will soon paint our noses and cheeks red. While the grayish view from your window can hardly create a proper festive mood, we know how to cheer you up. Wrap yourself up in a blanket, put on your warmest socks, and join us on our tour of the coldest places in Russia – where daily life requires superhuman powers.


  • Down the River: Delightful Journey Through My Suddenly Unfamiliar Country

    I have a lot of tender feelings towards my country (although I cannot call myself an ardent patriot), so sometimes I am disappointed by how little of it I know and have seen. During school geography lessons, instead of studying our homeland, we sang all kinds of songs; that’s right, our geography teacher was also our music teacher. While our choir was the pride of the district, my knowledge of Russian geography was limited to a general idea of Russia’s geographical outlines and the names of a dozen large cities and rivers, mostly thanks to the numerous maps hanging on the walls of the classroom. 


  • Peterhof: a Perfect Spot for a Late Summer Trip

    Much as every other major city, St. Petersburg has its "selling points": the Hermitage, the Savior on Spilled Blood, the White Nights, to boot. Still, it is the fountains in the nearby town of Peterhof that make up its most precious jewel - and the end of summer is just the perfect time to experience it!


  • The Hidden Treasures of St. Petersburg — a Quick Guide to Visiting St. Petersburg’s Suburbs

    As the new tests and deadlines approach, so does the Indian Summer — which is deemed the best time for visiting St. Petersburg’s many suburbs, their historical sights and beautiful park ensembles. Such places as the Amber Room in Pushkin or Petergof’s fountains are among St. Petersburg’s most famous tourist attractions. Still, there’s a lot more to the region than these two popular destinations.