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  • Russian Naval Glory and Island Forts: A Day Trip to Kronstadt

    Kronstadt is a town located on the Kotlin Island in the Gulf of Finland. Even though it’s officially a part of St. Petersburg, its history and location make it an independently unique travel destination. In our previous article about the town, we described its history and main attractions. This time, we asked our Kronstadt-born head of the Internationalization Office, Maria Khuzina, for her expert opinion on what to see in the island-based town on Navy Day and beyond. Enjoy!


  • Smolensk: Rediscovering My Medieval Hometown

    Centuries of history, legends, 12th-century churches, and an awe-inspiring fortress wall – all hidden in a small town in the heart of Russia. Are you curious to learn more?


  • Essential Resources for Traveling in Russia

    If you have a list of must-visit destinations in Russia, spring is the best time to start ticking items off. To help make your journey exciting and efficient, we’ve put together some apps and websites that might come in handy.


  • A Guide to Winter Trips from St. Petersburg

    Having reached the long winter holidays, you are expected to pick, just like a festive outfit, one of the personalities: a couch potato or a go-getter. We totally feel both of them, but in case you find yourself on the active side of this choice, take a look at our digest of travel destinations to explore during your vacation.


  • A Quick Guide to St. Petersburg

    So you’ve arrived in our northern capital, also known as the home of ITMO University. Where do you go first? What are the must-sees that will help you catch the vibe of the city and start on the path of getting to know it? Take this handy guide and set off exploring.


  • A Quick Guide to Moscow

    Over the years, we’ve written about many Russian capitals, but not the one and only Moscow. Today’s guide will rectify that with many tips and recommendations for your first encounter with this city.


  • St. Petersburg 101: Suburban Trains and Travel on a Budget

    An abundance of incredible destinations around St. Petersburg will open to those brave ones willing to venture into the city’s suburban trains. Here’s your guide on how to do it and discover a whole world beyond the city.


  • Nizhny Novgorod: The Capital of Sunsets

    Street art, highlands, and foods not to forget – discover a majestic city at the confluence of the Volga and Oka rivers.


  • Rostov-on-Don: Sunshine, Spacious Streets, and History at Every Corner

    A city of seemingly permanent summer, contrasts, friendly cats, bustling energy, and abundant history, Rostov-on-Don is bound to have a special place in your heart.


  • Torzhok: A Hidden Russian City

    More than eight hundred years of history, an abundance of churches, and traces of the Soviet era – meet Torzhok, a small and once very photogenic town between Moscow and St. Petersburg.