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  • Three ITMO Students and a Graduate Win UMNIK Grant Competition – Here Are Their Projects and Plans

    The winners’ projects include a prosthetic elbow joint, 3D-printed dental implants, a medical diagnostics system, as well as a program that finds errors in code. The results of the competition were announced on October 23. 


  • A Tour of Testa Center, GE’s Biotech R&D Facility in Uppsala, Sweden

    A voice recorder, a pen, some paper, and a smartphone: with all the journalistic essentials packed, we’re heading off for Sweden to learn about innovations in life sciences. What does it cost to create a molecule, how can mini-factories bring profit, and why do 3D-printers help accelerate production? Read on and find out.


  • Aleksei Vodovozov on Pandemics: What Should We Expect?

    What is an infection and how does it spread? How exactly do viruses vary from bacteria, and coronavirus from the flu? What does the word “pandemic” mean? Can we prepare for the future outbreaks by considering previous experience and scientific data? Aleksei Vodovozov, a famous journalist, science popularizer, and a general practitioner of the highest category, answered these and many other questions last week at the Ohta-8 Library. Read a summary of his presentation by ITMO.NEWS.


  • How Researchers Use Big Data to Fight HIV and Addiction

    Georgiy Bobashev is a Fellow at the RTI International (USA), an independent, nonprofit research institute. Today, the institute uses Big Data analysis to study various aspects of life in the USA, primarily those concerning healthcare. Researchers work on issues related to drug addiction, medical products, the propagation of diseases such as HIV or diabetes, and other topics. Georgiy Bobashev has recently come to ITMO University for an open lecture and spoke to ITMO.NEWS about his experience with analyzing medical data, what socially significant research is being done in the USA right now, and which scientific methods give us answers to some of the most important questions.


  • Treating a Common Cold the Russian Way

    Before I moved to Russia, I was really anxious about the cold; but I had also convinced myself that it's so cold in Russia that all diseases freeze and I won't ever get sick. Wishful thinking! Getting a cold is just a natural part of the full winter experience. Besides some positive thinking and consuming as much citrus as you can, you might be interested in some popular home-style Russian remedies that get anyone from Vladivostok to Murmansk feeling good when they’re under the weather. Some of these were recommended over the last few years in Russia by friends or doctors and many have helped me when I wasn’t feeling well.


  • Relocation tips: Healthcare

    We sincerely hope that you will not experience any health issues while studying or working in Russia. However, you can never predict how things will go, especially when you are far from home. These tips will help you protect yourself from unexpected issues and make sure that your stay in Russia goes as smooth as possible.


  • ITMO Students Take Part In Experimental Interaction Design Summer School

    From June 17 to June 28, the Experimental Interaction Design summer school took place at Tallinn University of Technology. This year, healthy lifestyle was the main theme of its courses. Anna Filippova and Anna Ksenofontova, Master's students at ITMO's Department of Engineering and Computer Graphics, took part in the school's programs and developed prototypes of devices meant for relieving the modern sedentary lifestyle. Read more about the projects they've developed in an article by ITMO.NEWS.