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  • ITMO University Expands Cooperation With Hangzhou Dianzi University

    This year's first round of the annual School of Computer Technologies and Control’s Summer School has just ended at ITMO University. Among the participants were about a hundred Bachelor's and Master's students from two of China's largest universities - Hangzhou Dianzi University (HDU) and Shanghai University of Engineering Science (SUES). Zhu Zefei, HDU's president, came to ITMO to congratulate the summer school's graduates. In future, ITMO and HDU are planning to expand their cooperation.


  • ITMO’s Russian Language Summer School: Gaining New Experiences

    ITMO’s Russian language and culture summer school kicked off in St. Petersburg in mid-July and is coming to an end today with about 20 students participating from 8 countries in three different language levels. The summer school attracts university students currently studying the Russian language, as well as students of Russian origin, future students wanting to enroll in the University and simply those interested in Russian language and culture.


  • ITMO Students Share Summer Internship Stories

    Every summer, ITMO students travel all over the world to participate in internships and visit the world’s largest companies and universities. Internships have long ago stopped being simple working affairs and are now seen as exciting adventures and a way to gain unique experience. ITMO.NEWS has prepared a few stories about our students’ most fascinating summer internships – from working at Google to being a science journalist in Sicily.


  • WWSSS'17 Brings Together Social and Computer Sciences

    The annual WSTNet Web Science Summer School takes place on July 1 to 8 in St. Petersburg. This year, it is organized by the Laboratory of Internet Studies at Higher School of Economics and ITMO University’s International Laboratory “Computer Technologies”. This Summer School is a cross-disciplinary platform for discussion of the impact of the World Wide Web on our society. Today’s scientists draw from both social and computer sciences to study this transformation. WWSSS’17 brings together experts from many fields, but they are all united by their interest in the internet as a social and technological system.


  • New Summer School on Concurrent Computing

    From July 3 to 7 more than 90 developers, students and young scientists from Russia, Europe and the Middle East will attend a course dedicated to the theoretical and practical aspects of concurrent computing. The school’s program will include lectures and workshops developed by leading experts from the USA, Switzerland, France, Austria, Israel and Russia. The first day of the Summer School on Practice and Theory of Concurrent Computing at ITMO University was marked with a talk by Nir Shavit, a renowned scientist, winner of the Gödel and Dijkstra prizes and professor at the Tel Aviv University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


  • Laser Tech Summer School: Graduates Share Their Experience

    The school program pays little attention to lasers even though laser technologies are now very important in the fields of medicine, IT, robotics, space technology and many other applied sciences. ITMO University’s Laser Technology Summer School remedies this disparity: there, high schoolers can learn about the potential that laser technology has in today’s world, how it works and what future awaits those who start a career in laser optics. 36 Summer School graduates have just finished the course last week. ITMO.NEWS spoke to them about their experience and future plans.


  • Youth in Science: Summer Internship in Photonics and Optical IT

    The Summer Internship has begun at ITMO University’s Department of Photonics and Optical Information Technologies. For two weeks, tenth-graders will acquaint themselves with the latest research in the fields of quantum information, biomedicine, femtosecond optics and other innovative sciences. The high-schoolers will work with scientists on actual research, start their own project and will soon be able to take part in prestigious conferences for experts in photonics and optical IT. Read on to find out how Summer Internship works at ITMO University and how students can start getting involved in “adult science” in tenth grade.


  • Training Future Scientists at Summer School

    Twenty students attended the summer school for young biotechnologists, ecologists and engineers. The program was aimed at high school students from grades 7 to 11. It gave students a chance to become familiar with the work of the School of Biotechnology and Cryogenic Systems at ITMO University in order to help them choose their future field of study. Over a period of six days, the participants of the course got to know more about what kinds of tools and equipment are used in each department. 


  • The Recent Nanophotonics and Metamaterials International Doctoral Summer School - Participants' Impressions

    The Second Nanophotonics and Metamaterials International Doctoral Summer Schoolhas just ended at ITMO University. According to its participants, the school offered a great opportunity to learn about the recent achievements in the field. For almosta week, they listened to lectures by scientists from leading research teams, conducted project work and got a whole lot of new ideas and useful contacts to work with. We've asked the students and one of the school's lecturers to share about the event.


  • ITMO Launches the Nanophotonics and Metamaterials International Doctoral Summer School

    The event's program includes reports by leading Russian and foreign scientists - specialists from USA, Australia, Germany, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Denmark and Finland,and is dedicated to the relevant fundamental and application problems of photonics and metamaterials.