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  • Children Develop Robots at ITMO.KIDS Technopark

    15 school children attended the first summer school organized by ITMO.KIDS, a technopark for children at ITMO University. Over the course of a week, they made presentations and learned the basics of 3D modeling, robotics, project management, and design. For many of them, this was the first time they tried their hand at soldering and working with high-precision equipment. Lectures and workshops were conducted by ITMO staff and students. The participants worked on three projects designed to facilitate human activities in various fields, from animal feeding and drawing to uranium mining. As the event came to an end, participants presented their projects to the jury.


  • ITMO Summerschool: Nanostructures, Experiments and Chemical engineering

    This June, ITMO summer schools for tenth graders offer an opportunity to create your own nanostructure, learn how to solve the most complicated problems and learn what chemical engineering is all about. The staff of the Faculty of Physics and Engineering and the Biochemistry cluster guide the students in mastering the material and working on their own projects. Today we will tell you how this summer school can lead to “real” science.


  • Insights into Nanophotonics and Metamaterials from around the World

    The third Summer School in Nanophotonics and Metamaterials has just ended at ITMO University. Over a week, participants listened to lectures, completed a project, shared ideas and established useful connections. To learn more about the Summer School, read our article.


  • Special Summer Schools for High School Students at ITMO

    This summer, ITMO University opens the doors of its summer schools, where future undergraduate students can learn about engineering, chemistry, programming, photonics, biotechnology and many more. Classes are held by the staff and students of the university with a focus on development of practical skills. 


  • If You Want to be the Best, Learn From the Best: ITMO University Collaborates with Alibaba Cloud University

    A special delegation from ITMO University visited Hangzhou Dianzi University (HDU) in China last week. They also visited the Alibaba office, whose founder, Jack Ma, is an HDU graduate. As a result of the visits, a preliminary agreement was made with Alibaba Cloud University for a summer school with ITMO University and HDU, which will run this summer in Hangzhou. As such, ITMO students will have an opportunity to get the latest knowledge from professionals from one of the largest high tech companies in the world at one of the best universities in China. 


  • 5 More Summer Schools You Can’t Miss

    Planning your summer? Want to rest, travel but also get ahead in your career? Read about five exciting summer schools around the world - and don't forget to check out our list of five more schools from last week.


  • 5 Summer Schools You Need to Apply for Fast

    It's time to start thinking about how you want to spend your summer. In the next few days and weeks application deadlines for awesome summer schools, internships and special workshops are running out. Read about how some of our students spent their summer last year - and then check out these five summer opportunities worth considering! Once you’ve sent in your documents for these, we’ll give you another five next week.


  • RACIRI-2017 Summer School in Sweden

    The RACIRI-2017 Summer School took place in Ronneby, Sweden this year from 19 to 26 August. The topic of the school was “Best X-Ray and Neutron Sources in the World”. ITMO University was represented on the international science scene by Nikita Prasolov, a PhD student from the Department of Modern Functional Materials. Read our article to learn about our young scientist’s research, and what happened at this years RACIRI school.


  • Algorithm Summer School: New ITMO-STC Initiative

    From August 14 to 25, ITMO hosted the first Algorithm summer school on machine learning, organized in collaboration with the STC (Speech Technology Center) IT company. Any technical student, starting with third years', as well as young scientists and specialists could participate in the school; all one had to do is pass the entrance competition. Read more about the new initiative and how such programs can become a start of one's career!


  • ITMO Students Take Part In Experimental Interaction Design Summer School

    From June 17 to June 28, the Experimental Interaction Design summer school took place at Tallinn University of Technology. This year, healthy lifestyle was the main theme of its courses. Anna Filippova and Anna Ksenofontova, Master's students at ITMO's Department of Engineering and Computer Graphics, took part in the school's programs and developed prototypes of devices meant for relieving the modern sedentary lifestyle. Read more about the projects they've developed in an article by ITMO.NEWS.


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