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  • ITMO PhD Students – Two-Time Winners of Google’s Image Matching Challenge

    Jaafar Mahmoud and Ammar Ali, PhD students at ITMO University, have won Google's Image Matching Challenge, an international machine learning competition, for the second time in a row.


  • How Holograms Can Help Preserve Artworks – And Even Restore Those Lost to Time

    Researchers from ITMO have proposed a novel method of art digitalization that utilizes analog holography and photogrammetry to produce more life-like 3D models of objects. Unlike commonly used techniques, the developed method can create highly accurate digital copies of artworks, including those deemed forever lost. The results of the study (part 1 and part 2) were published in Journal of the Optical Society of America A.


  • Researchers from St. Petersburg Discover Way to Expedite Dental Implant Surgery

    Scientists from ITMO University together with specialists from ZERTAN, a St. Petersburg-based dental company, have developed specialized software that can reduce the time needed to install dental implants. With this technology, medical specialists will be able to obtain a ready-made 3D model of a customized membrane needed to regenerate host tissue at the implant site within three minutes – instead of several hours, which it often takes in complex cases today. All they need to do is to load a computer tomography (CT) scan of a patient’s skull into the neural network.


  • Three ITMO Students and a Graduate Win UMNIK Grant Competition – Here Are Their Projects and Plans

    The winners’ projects include a prosthetic elbow joint, 3D-printed dental implants, a medical diagnostics system, as well as a program that finds errors in code. The results of the competition were announced on October 23. 


  • Lumen in the Land of Nanite: What the Unreal Engine 5 Demo Tells Us About the Future of Video Game Graphics

    Epic Games recently revealed a new demo of the fifth generation of their Unreal Engine, running live on the upcoming PlayStation 5. The Unreal Engine 5 tech demo revolves around two next-gen technologies called Lumen and Nanite. The first is promised to bring fully dynamic global illumination to upcoming titles, while the other focuses on rendering an unprecedented number of polygons in real time.


  • Assassin’s Creed Won’t Help: An Expert’s Opinion on Restoration of Notre Dame

    On April 15, a massive fire engulfed Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral. While the fire destroyed its roof and iconic spire, firefighters were able to save the famed bell towers. The French government has already established four reconstruction funds (over €1 billion has been raised to date), while French President Emmanuel Macron promised that the landmark will be fully restored in five years with the help of the world’s best architects. Can 3D modeling benefit the reconstruction process? Could video games come in handy too? In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, Artem Smolin, the head of ITMO’s Educational Center of Graphic Technologies and the Center for Usability and Mixed Reality, shares his opinion on the use of modern technologies in the cathedral’s reconstruction.


  • Student Wins Lab Design Competition

    ITMO University student Veronika Nikitina became one of the winners of a laboratory design competition which took place at ITMO University as part of an International Laboratory Design Conference. She presented her project at the Skolkovo Innovation Center.


  • ITMO University Online Courses You Can't Miss

    Online learning is becoming increasingly popular today. However, many specific subjects like Plasmonics or Statistical Methods in Innovation Management can’t be found online. This semester, ITMO University is launching three new online-courses on the Open Education Platform and the edX platform.