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  • New York-Based Seed Stage Fund Starta Ventures Currently Accepting Applications to Online Pre-Accelerator

    The ITMO University Accelerator has recently hosted a webinar with representatives of the New York-based seed stage fund Starta Ventures. Staff members of the Starta fund and accelerator shared insights into their work and provided individual consultation to several teams.


  • Life After MVP: How Startups Can Avoid the Post-Acceleration “Crash and Burn”

    In late March, ITMO University’s Accelerator launched a new educational program. Its first lecture focused on how startups can enter the market after building their MVP, set up sales, and find their niche. Andrey Popov, the founder of Rocket University and a “tracker” for the Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF) and the Russian Venture Company (RVC), explained how to hold on to one’s spot on the market and find the right customer base. Find a quick summary of the lecture below.


  • Machine Learning Hackathon by Botan Investments and AMZScout Takes Place at ITMO University

    A large-scale machine learning hackathon with a total prize fund of 425,000 rubles took place at ITMO University in March, with more than 100 people taking part. Among the sponsors were the AMZScout company and the Botan Investments foundation. Read on to find out more information about the hackathon’s tasks, winners, and rewards in this article by ITMO.NEWS.


  • Digitalization of Construction, Helping Dyslexic Kids and an Online Training Bot: The Graduates of ITMO’s Pre-Accelerator

    ITMO University’s Pre-Accelerator program ended recently. Participants went from an idea to an actual business project over four months of work. The twenty best teams presented their products at the open Demo Day. The jury members – experts and business representatives – evaluated the projects in terms of thoroughness and potential and chose the top three projects. In this article we’ll talk about the results of the program and the best projects.


  • ITMO Pre-Acceleration Program in 2019: 50+ Projects, 11 Expert Coaches, 5 Million Rubles in Funding

    In the past year, ITMO University has redefined its approach to acceleration programs for hi-tech startups. A pre-acceleration program was launched with the goal of assisting scientists and tech enthusiasts who have ideas but are far from implementing them in practice or creating an actual product. Nevertheless, three projects have already gone the distance from ideas to full-on contracts with investors, raising over five million rubles in total. ITMO.NEWS got in touch with Alexey Solomatin, the head of the ITMO Accelerator, to find out what he thought of the past year, which achievements of these 12 months he considers the most important, and what he’s got in plans for the future.


  • ITMO Graduate and Owner of Chili Marketing Agency Konstantin Khomchenko: Do What You Love and Love What You Do

    The owner of the Chili Marketing agency, ITMO University graduate Konstantin Khomchenko has made his way from a manager to an owner of his own business. Konstantin doesn’t forget about his alma mater either, being a coach at ITMO University’s Accelerator. ITMO.NEWS talked to Konstantin Khomchenko to find out what obstacles are standing in the way of those wanting to launch their own business, and what to avoid when working on your own project.


  • Founder of Aleksander Alkhov on the ABC of Entrepreneurship

    What is the proper way to conduct market analysis? How does one come up with a market strategy? Upon entering the market, many fledgling entrepreneurs fail to come up with a thorough strategy and disregard many instruments that would help them to succeed. Eventually, the ignorance of simple concepts can lead to bankruptcy, believes Aleksander Alkhov, founder of the educational service and specialist in marketing and promotion of companies on national and international markets. At a recent workshop for ITMO’s Future Technologies accelerator, the expert expanded on budding entrepreneurs’ typical mistakes and spoke about the first steps for promoting one’s product.


  • Laeneco Founder Ilya Skorobogatov: How to Take the Japanese Market by Storm

    This February, the team behind the telemedical healthcare startup Laeneco won a pitch session organized by ITMO University’s Technopark together with Japanese business experts. This victory gave them the opportunity to bring their hi-tech device for monitoring lung conditions to Fukuoka (Japan), where they participated in the prestigious WARAKU SUMMIT. The project has already made its entrance on the Japanese market, having received the backing of the country’s government. ITMO.NEWS met with Laeneco’s founder Ilya Skorobogatov to find out why the Land of the Rising Sun is so receptive to telemedical services and why launching on the Japanese market is often much easier than doing the same in Europe or the US.


  • ITMO and Rostelecom Support Technological Startups

    Rostelecom and ITMO University have signed a cooperation agreement on joint acceleration programs and technological startups development. Together, the company and the university will launch several acceleration programs, as well as other educational events aimed at supporting Russian scientific organizations and industrial enterprises that specialize in information and communication technologies, cutting-edge products for all sectors of the economy, as well as software and hardware-software systems.


  • CEO of TuSion on Participating in Startup Festivals

    TuSion is a neurogaming app that helps users develop their cognitive abilities by playing with the power of their minds. The app allows to decrease one’s level of stress and increase productivity. In the past, the team participated in ITMO’s Future Technologies accelerator. Since then, the project has undergone many changes, and its team has participated in many startup festivals and contests. Their members have recently returned from the *ship international festival in Finland where they made it into to the 10 best startup teams, and will soon participate in an acceleration program in New York. We’ve spoken to TuSion’s CEO Andrei Hapsasov and learned how the project changed over time, whether there is any point in participating in contests and conferences, and how to participate effectively.