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  • Unique VR Experiences Created by ITMO Students

    If you’ve ever wanted to cook in the kitchen from Ratatouille, travel to the past, or peek inside the human body, you can now do that with projects developed by graduates of ITMO’s Computer Technologies in Design Bachelor’s program. Read on for backstage development stories of Matrix-inspired virtual realities and cartoon-like sets.


  • ITMO Avatar Insights: First Results of Testing and Reviews

    This fall, the ITMO’s Avatar team began beta testing the new app, which involved over 50 people. In this article, you can learn more about the app, the results of testing, and users’ feedback.


  • Technologies and Business: ITMO to Launch a New Track for I am a Professional Contest

    In total, there are now five tracks from ITMO University in the contest: Information and Cybersecurity, Programming and Information Technologies, Robotics, Machine Learning, and the new track Technology Entrepreneurship. 


  • ITMO University Avatar Project is Now in Beta Testing

    The testing of this project will undergo two phases. At first, 30 students will get access to the Avatar app in early September and use it for the entire month. Then, the next version will be tested by 500 volunteers.


  • ITMO Scientists Use Computer Vision Technologies and Neural Networks to Assess Meditation Efficiency

    The algorithm created by ITMO researchers can assess a person’s psycho-emotional state based on a smartphone video of a meditation session. It tracks evenness of breath, body positioning and limb movements. The research results were published in Future Internet.


  • Bend it Like Beckham: ITMO Winners of VK Hackathon Develop App for Honing Football Skills

    At the end of September, a team of ITMO University students took the grand prix of one of the largest hackathons in Russia. Today, they are working on an app for a major sports media outlet. ITMO.NEWS met the members to find out how a neural network can help you become a football ace and why they’re not hurrying to accept job offers from leading tech companies. 


  • Big Grants and Where To Find Them

    With the start of the new academic year, many students and young researchers from ITMO University start thinking about participating in grant programs and applying for financing for their research. ITMO.NEWS talked to Igor Kuprienko, the head of ITMO’s Project Development Division, and asked him to speak about such topics as looking for grant contests, filing applications and how the Project Development Division can help with finding research partners.


  • 8 International Summer Schools to Attend This Summer

    Every year, ITMO University students participate in winter and summer schools in Russia and abroad. This is a great opportunity to enhance your skills, broaden your horizons, and establish useful connections that will come in handy in your future career. The best thing about such schools, though, is that the university covers up to 70% of all expenses. All you have to do is to apply for participation and financial support. Apart from summer and winter schools, you can take part in various conferences, workshops, competitions, championships, research internships, and other activities. In this article, we’ll tell you all about the best international summer schools to attend this summer and how to get there.