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  • The Comedy Legends of Would I Lie to You?

    Have you ever told a truth that was mistreated as a fib? Or spawned a lie that was eaten up like a truth? Or attempted to do both, but failed miserably? Then BBC’s Would I Lie to You?, in which all of the aforementioned stands as the main name of the game, would be a perfect show for you. Watch and learn how the great masters do it, tee-heeing all the way through (multitasking, Movie Fridays-style).


  • The Planets by Prof Brian Cox: The Actual Best

    The coolest physicist of all time has come out with a new documentary series that travels through space and time to tell the mystifying story of the Solar System. Our verdict? Mind-blowing, mind-boggling and breath-taking, with a side of first-class entertainment


  • Movie Chitter-Chatter: Pride and Prejudice

    Do you ever find yourself having deep internal dialogs about movies and TV shows you’ve seen? No? Just me? Well, then. Here’s a sneak peek of my madness for you to enjoy. All credits for the format, idea, and my split personality disorder go to The Guardian’s pass notes. Making your readers non compos mentis: that’s what I call engaging journalism. But I digress. Without further ado, please welcome a sister of our regular Movie Fridays, Movie Chitter-Chatter, with its first edition dedicated to a make-believe tale resting firmly in the British collective psyche, Pride and Prejudice.


  • BBC Expert: How to Make Science More Accessible

    Julian Siddle, a BBC science journalist and the producer for BBC World Service and BBC Radio, has given a series of talks at Central Exhibition Hall Manege and ITMO University as part of the UK-Russia Year of Science and Education 2017. Speaking to the audience, he discussed the ways to explain gravity waves to children, why major discoveries often begin with the simplest questions and whether scientific content can compete with the social media’s top vloggers.


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