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  • How To: Cycling in St. Petersburg

    We here at ITMO like our bikes: they are convenient, eco-friendly, and are a fun, healthy alternative to the city’s public transport. Moreover, they can even be a part of a long-standing tradition, such as our Bike Ride with the Rector. Here is everything you will need to know to explore the bike life in St. Petersburg, courtesy of our staff and students.


  • Our Top 7 Summer Must-Dos in St. Petersburg

    Want to have a truly St. Petersburg summer experience? Here are our top local activities to make this season one to remember.


  • Who Are You? We Are ITMO University: ITMO Holds 15th Bike Ride With the Rector

    On a warm spring day, ITMO students and staff came together for the traditional bike ride with the rector. Over 50 participants cycled the nine-kilometer route around Primorsky Victory Park, Yakhtenny Bridge, and Park of the 300th Anniversary of St. Petersburg. Join us for a recap of the event. 


  • Get Outside: Socially Distanced Activities in St. Petersburg

    Though summer’s nearly at its end, there’s still plenty of time to find new experiences or rediscover old ones. But with the health concerns still looming over us, what are we left to do? Surprisingly enough, a lot of things! Let’s dig into the list of just a few of the exciting (and safe!) activities you can enjoy in St. Petersburg these days.


  • BizCycle Workshop in Vyborg: Creating Comfortable Biking Infrastructure

    What facilities do bike travelers need? How to create a bike-friendly environment in the border regions of Russia and Finland? And how can entrepreneurs contribute to this process? These and other questions were discussed at a workshop for the representatives of small and medium-sized businesses of the Leningrad Oblast and Southeast Finland, which took place in Vyborg. The event was organized as part of the BizCycle international project aimed at developing the bicycle tourism ecosystem in the border regions of Russia and Finland. Among the project’s partners is ITMO University. The workshop brought together entrepreneurs from the Leningrad Oblast and the Kotka-Hamina region, as well as students of several St. Petersburg’s universities.


  • Rain or Shine: A Look at ITMO University’s 11th Bike Ride with the Rector

    It seems that rain does not scare fans of biking at ITMO University. Despite the dismal weather, dozens of students and staff members turned up for the biannual bike ride with the University’s Rector Vladimir Vasilyev. Those who took part in the ride shared with us their favorite routes and impressions and explained why rain made this year’s event all the more special.


  • 10th Bike Ride with Rector: Long-Time Participants Share Favorite Routes and Experiences

    This Wednesday, students, staff, and friends of ITMO University took part in the 10th Bike Ride with ITMO’s Rector Vladimir Vasilyev. Traditionally held every spring and fall – the start and end of the biking season, – the event sees students, professors, researchers, and associates of the university ride together on a route past the picturesque locations of St. Petersburg’s Primorsky District: from the Victory Park, past the Zenit Arena stadium and Yakhtenny Bridge, and to the 300th Anniversary of St. Petersburg Park. ITMO.NEWS spoke to some of the event’s long-time participants to learn about their favorite experiences, the role of biking in their everyday life, and their suggestions on making the ride even better.