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  • ITMO Graduate Artem Trubin on His Studies and Career

    As a competition winner, Artem Trubin enrolled into ITMO University to study mechatronics and robotics. He was determined to study this field because he believed that it was a fascinating, cutting-edge specialization with promising career prospects.


  • ITMO Graduate ‪Igor Petranevsky on His Studies and Career Path

    Frankly speaking, back in 2012, I flipped a coin to decide where I was going to study because I got accepted everywhere I applied to. This way, I narrowed my choices down to St. Petersburg State University and ITMO University. Having these two in mind, I went to admissions offices to learn more about each and somehow ended up choosing ITMO’s Faculty of Control Systems and Robotics — they promised more.


  • Who Are Our Graduates?

    Not only ICPC champions or professional researchers graduate from ITMO’s Information Technologies and Programming Faculty. Many of the graduates are programmers who founded their own businesses or built a career with successful startups. In this installment of his blog, ITMO University’s Professor Anatoly Shalyto considers the many trajectories and possibilities of professional development and talks about the career opportunities that are only limited by what a student wants.