ITMO Graduate Artem Trubin on His Studies and Career

As a competition winner, Artem Trubin enrolled into ITMO University to study mechatronics and robotics. He was determined to study this field because he believed that it was a fascinating, cutting-edge specialization with promising career prospects.

Artem Trubin. Photo courtesy of the author

We delved into our major almost right away. If I remember correctly, one of our first assignments was to develop a Lego Mindstorms robot, create its control algorithm, and program it. We had a semester to fulfill this task. It was challenging yet highly rewarding. During our studies, we surely enhanced our skills.

There were many activities we could participate in at the faculty. Everyone could pick something for their liking. We, for instance, once used Microsoft’s Kinect to code a robot we named Johnny 5. He could track all passers-by, wave at them, and hand them leaflets if they approached him. This robot was often displayed at exhibitions even after we had graduated.

Our training was comprehensive. After all, robotics is, in fact, a synthesis of numerous fields: design, programming, mathematics, etc. — and we had the chance to study them all.

I’m now a software engineer at CyberDrone. Here, we create drone light shows. Sometimes, I work on tasks that remind me of what I studied at the university so I can look for solutions in my university materials, too.

I believe that the university’s educational and technological environment truly pays off. The university equips students with the skills and experience that will assist them not only in their work but also in their personal lives.

Translated by Marina Belyaeva