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  • NeuroForum-2018: Experts Discuss NeuroNet's Development

    Today, there are numerous online platforms and mobile applications that help people develop their cognitive skills. Participants of the recent NeuroForum-2018 "Brain: Technological Solutions for its Development and Enhancement for the NeuroNet Market" discussed the solutions and equipment that can be used for this purpose. The event was organized by ITMO University and took place at the Tochka Kipeniya (Boiling Point – Rus.) co-working space in St. Petersburg.


  • National Center for Cognitive Technologies Staff on Connecting Education, Research and Industry

    ITMO University has recently hosted a scientific seminar of the National Center for Cognitive Technologies. ITMO.NEWS spoke to Anna Lutsenko, the Deputy Director of eScience Research Institute, and Klavdiya Bochenina, an associate professor at the Institute of Design & Urban Studies, about the Center’s development plans.


  • ITMO University’s National Center for Cognitive Technologies Holds its First Session

    The first session of the National Center for Cognitive Technologies has taken place at ITMO University. Over the course of two days, participants, including hi-tech companies, universities, regulatory bodies, and various foundations, discussed the future of technological development, the infrastructure of cognitive research and specialist training. The session aimed to produce a set of practice-oriented strategies for the Center’s future operations.


  • ITMO Hosts Conference on Cognitive Technologies and Quantum Intelligence

    Last week, ITMO University hosted the first international Cognitive Technologies and Quantum Intelligence conference. The event brought together scientists from interdisciplinary fields that study the application of quantum approaches in researching human cognitive and psychological processes. The experts also discussed the capabilities of quantum computations in analyzing Big  Data,  and presented a series of reports on the subject of studying and manipulating public opinion in social media.


  • ITMO University Wins State Support Research Grant

    The Ministry of Education and Science’s competition for grant support of National Technological Initiative (NTI) centers has ended. The selected participants will receive funding for research and educational programs in the eight interdisciplinary fields. ITMO University won the funding for research in the field of machine learning and cognitive technologies. For that, the university has recently created a consortium of 18 organizations, which includes such companies as MTS,, Speech Technology Center, Er-Telecom and others, as well as several universities and scientific centers.  The five-year program of the National Center for Cognitive Technologies intends to solve a set of scientific, educational and infrastructural tasks, which will result in overcoming the technological barriers associated with the systemic advancement of cognitive technologies in promising NSI markets.