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  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: October 24-25, 2020

    While days are getting shorter and mornings – colder, it is a hard-level game to leave the comfort of your warm and cozy bed when your alarm goes off (for the third time, right?). We feel you! But do not get carried away by this temptation! Let’s leave the snooze button behind, bundle up in our favorite fall sweaters, and do cool things this weekend.


  • Information Security: What It Is and Where to Study It

    What do banks, autonomous vehicles, power economy, hospitals and home PCs have in common? Right, they all can be hacked, and that is why each of these fields needs to be protected. At ITMO’s Faculty of Secure Information Technologies, Master’s students are trained to predict, pinpoint, and eliminate vulnerabilities in all kinds of computer and cyber-physical systems. Learn all about the faculty's programs in our new illustrated series! 


  • What Is Biotechnology?

    Food manufacturers all over the world strive to produce food of better quality while also making if affordable. This problem is tackled by specialists in the field of biotechnology – a research area bringing together many disciplines. What is biotechnology exactly? How does one study it at ITMO? And where do biotechnology graduates work? Let’s delve right into it with our new illustrated series.


  • What Is Infochemistry?

    Infochemistry is a new experimental field of science that studies the storage and processing of information at the molecular level. What does it mean? Who exactly studies it? And what does it have to do with IT? That was what we asked the specialists now at work at ITMO’s Infochemistry Center. Read on to learn more about this new field, the full potential of which is yet to be discovered, in our illustrated series. 


  • Crash Course in Photonics: Part 3

    We continue our exploration of the exciting world of photonics and figuring out why thousands of scientists all over the world are so enthralled with this field. Covered by this third installment of our Crash Course in Photonics is a gut-wrenching story about evil criminals, brave photons and the power of quantum cryptography. 


  • Crash Course in Photonics: Part 2

    We continue to explore what makes photonics so cool – and why thousands of scientists around the world are drawn to this field.


  • Crash Course in Photonics: Part 1

    What is photonics? For one, it is a highly promising field of research that holds the key to our future. But what’s so great about it, and why is it about to kick regular electronics’ butt? Learn the answer in our illustrated series about a bright little fella called Photon.


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: May 18-19

    This weekend’s most awaited and exciting event is undoubtedly the Night of Museums, but there’s so much more in store! Check out the opening of Peterhof’s world-famous fountains, meet a Game of Thrones star, munch on delicious Vietnamese grub, show off your hipster cred with a rare vinyl record, or even get a tattoo – all on this very eventful weekend.


  • How to Write a Thesis on Marvel Comic Books: PhD Student Daniil Shirokov Explains

    At the end of September, ITMO University PhD student Daniil Shirokov won a student competition of research papers proposing solutions for creating a tolerant environment in St. Petersburg. He participated with his thesis on representation of scientists in comic books. Surprise effect in action: that’s how Daniil explains his astounding success. ITMO.NEWS met the student to find out why Spider Man's journey mirrors that of becoming a scientific communicator and how Hulk is connected with the crisis of masculinity.


  • Science Comics: New Format of Science Communication

    How does one translate an expedition log into the popular language of comic strips? Is it possible to combine comics and science? Sure! And by the way, this is how one of the most successful science communication formats came about. It hasn’t been long since science comics appeared in Russia, but they have already become popular with both editors and the public. At the recent workshop that was part of the Russian Geographical Society’s summer school hosted by ITMO University, Alena Lesnyak, editor of the “Schrodinger’s Cat” popular science magazine, editor in chief of the oLogy portal on science and scenarist of science comics spoke about their prospects, popularity, and mission.