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  • This Week in St. Petersburg: September 14-20, 2023

    If you are marvelling at the beautifully warm and sunny weather, we are with you! That’s why this week we are paying particular attention to open-air events, inspiring you to soak in those last bits of summer before we venture full swing into fall.


  • Songs That Make Us Dance

    A whole month of summer is still ahead – and we are planning to thoroughly enjoy it. We trust the most energetic, infectious, can’t-keep-your-feet-still tracks to set the right mood. Take a listen!  


  • Dancing, Fencing, and Ultimate Frisbee: Get to Know Three KronBars Coaches

    For this new installment of our get-to-know series, we’ve decided to talk to several coaches from ITMO’s acclaimed KronBars student sports club. It was hard to choose just several among the over 50 sports clubs available, so we went for the sports we wanted to try: ballroom dancing, fencing, and ultimate frisbee. What’s the best way to stay in shape? Where does one look for inspiration or second wind? Find out in this interview.


  • Songs To Get You Pumped up This Winter

    If you know us, you are sure to guess our go-to way to kickstart the year and keep our spirits high. That’s right, it’s music all the way. Here’s our finest selection of tunes that would make for one tiny-yet-raucous dance party. Enjoy!


  • Fun & Wacky Sports to Try in St. Petersburg

    Whether you’re eager to add some spark to your workout or would like to pick up a new sport, these five activities will do the job for you.


  • When Newton Dances: Head of Student Dance Club on Fusing Science and Dance

    Since 2006, ITMO University has been home to Flame, a student dance studio that specializes in a variety of styles including hip-hop, house, locking, waacking, and others. Its members not only learn to dance, but also participate in dance battles and festivals – and even stage their own performances and musicals. ITMO.NEWS met with the studio’s head Elizaveta Nekrasova to learn why she left behind mathematics to pursue dance and how it can be used to explain the laws of physics.