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  • Environmental-Monitoring Water Drones to Be Tested on St. Petersburg Rivers

    In the future, the floating robots, which were developed by the staff of the company Airalab together with ITMO University engineers, might appear in the water bodies of Africa, Asia, and Latin America, as negotiations are already underway. Learn more in this article by ITMO.NEWS.


  • Quadcopter vs. Traffic Safety Inspectors: Researchers Test Drones for Traffic Road Accident Analysis

    Robots are gradually permeating into more and more areas of our daily life: smart cars are at work on storage facilities and production sites, they test delivery services. Researchers in St. Petersburg are designing a mobile autorobotic inspector (MARTI) that will help the State Road Traffic Safety Inspection officers by documenting details of traffic road accidents and detecting traffic code violations. ITMO.NEWS got in touch with Professor Oleg Basov, deputy dean of ITMO’s Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies, to learn why one quadcopter can create a better accident plan than three inspectors, and how MARTI will be able to model traffic road accidents.


  • ITMO’s R&D Project Results and Their Applications

    Year after year, dozens, even hundreds of ITMO’s students and PhD researchers conduct their research. Their topics are set, teams are formed, projects are created and developed, their results are defended, – but what happens next? Are these results left on a dusty shelf somewhere, or do they find their application in the real world? ITMO.NEWS talked to three project leaders, PhD students and staff members at ITMO’s Faculty of Secure Information Technologies, and found out what’s in store for their PhD theses. 


  • Mind-Blowing IT: Why ITMO Students Practice on Professional Flight Simulator

    The UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) market has been witnessing increasing growth both in the US and around the world over the last five years, says the review by the Federal Aviation Administration. According to experts, the global market of commercial drones is growing fast – even faster than it was originally envisaged. The specialists and students of ITMO University’s Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies conduct research in this exciting new field. As part of this, they have recently visited the G.S.Titov Youth Cosmonautics Club to pilot a Boeing 737 with the use of a professional flight simulator. Why do programmers need to get a feel of the sky like real pilots, and how this internship can prompt new research studies? Read on to find out.


  • ITMO Specialists to Begin Testing of New Aerial Sensing Drone

    A group of engineers from St. Petersburg including ITMO University specialists is working on the development of a new autonomous aerial vehicle designed for remote sensing of the environment with the use of a new hyperspectral camera. ITMO.NEWS talked to Andrei Karmanov, an associate professor at ITMO’s Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies, about the new drone and what kind of equipment it carries.


  • Self-Driving Cars and Smart Cities: 2019 Summer Schools in Madrid

    Every year, dozens of universities both in Russia and abroad organize summer schools for students, which provide them with a unique opportunity to acquire new knowledge and familiarize themselves with a new culture. ITMO University students often take part in such events thanks to a student mobility program that covers up to 70% of all travel expenses. This year, several Bachelor’s and Master’s students went to the Technical University of Madrid, one of the biggest technical universities in Spain, where they attended lectures and worked in a laboratory. The students shared their experiences with ITMO.NEWS. 


  • Mile of Technology Contest in Ilmenau: ITMO Team Emerges Third in Drone Race

    Held by the Ilmenau University of Technology, Mile of Technology is an eminent robotics competition setting the stage for a technology-themed festival attended by over 15,000 visitors each year. This year’s competition took place in early May, with ITMO University’s robotics team, who received a special invitation to participate, placing third in the Drone Race track. ITMO.NEWS spoke to them about their experience.


  • ITMO Students Score Second and Third in Robotex Competition

    December 3 marked the final round of Robotex, the largest robotics competition in Europe. Last year, ITMO University team Cepheus took first place, while this time our students placed second and third, losing to students from Germany. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, they share about what challenges they faced during the competition.


  • ITMO’s Team Wins Europe’s Largest Robotics Contest Robotex 2017

    ITMO’s freshmen’s team won the first place at Robotex-2017 competition, which has recently become the largest robotics competition in Europe. The competition included 24 categories. ITMO’s team won in the category DJI Drone Race, getting ahead of the Tallinn University of Technology. ITMO.NEWS shares about the new team of winners: who these freshmen students are and what they do.


  • Up in the Air: Are Flying Taxis the Future of Mass Transit?

    The growth of cities, increased density of their population and the transportation issues that result from it are making car manufacturers look to the sky for solutions. The first prototypes of flying taxis, as well as personal or public transportation are already being made. ITMO.NEWS takes a look at the existing models and asks experts: how realistic are these projects?