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  • EMI Is the Answer: ITMO Experts on How To Teach Your Subject in English

    ITMO boasts over 20 educational programs in English that welcome both Russian and international students. However, no matter how good the lecturer’s command of the language, teaching in English is still a challenging task. Recent studies demonstrate that studying in a non-native language is associated with lower concentration and information retention rates. That’s where EMI training comes to the rescue – it’s a training method that’s gaining popularity all over the world and is widely applied at ITMO. Read on to find out all about it. 


  • ITMO Students Learn Academic English With The University of Arizona Lecturers

    ITMO University students spent their spring semester learning how best to communicate with their international collaborators, what to avoid when writing an article for a peer-reviewed journal, and what to keep in mind during a conference presentation. In this article, students share their experiences from the course. 


  • How to Teach in English: EMI Teacher Training Course for Lecturers of Russian Universities

    ITMO University just completed the results of a 13-week English as a Medium of Instruction Teacher Training professional development course. 15 specialists from different Russian universities took part in the course. For the first 12 weeks, the lecturers studied online: they watched lectures and completed relevant tasks. The last week of the course was devoted to practice and was held at ITMO University. 


  • How ITMO's Advance Program is Helping Young Russians Jump Start their Careers

    When Anton Manikhin and Ekaterina Korelevich were working in the food industry in St. Petersburg, they had no idea they would soon be chasing their true dreams – those of launching a language school and also an online site similar to Glassdoor. All they needed was to improve their English language skills, learn about entrepreneurship, and acquire some critical computer skills that would give them the tools they needed to start their own business.


  • English Teachers Unite at NATE Convention

    The NATE 2019 Jubilee Convention was held at ITMO University on April 17-19 and brought together nearly 400 English language teachers from around Russia and 20 international guests. The participants met new colleagues and shared their knowledge and inspiration amid the event's warm and welcoming atmosphere.


  • Gaining Insights into Better Learning at Cambridge University

    Here at ITMO, we’re all about learning better and better learning! One of our English tutors from the Foreign Language Training Center talks to us about her experience at a recent conference organized by Cambridge University Press in the UK. Read our interview!


  • ITMO U Takes Second Place in Digital Internationalization

    While QS-Apple creative awards acknowledged ITMO University with a Bronze prize for the Best International Website page back in 2016, here in Russia, the internationalization efforts of the university on the web are receiving focus from the Russian International Affairs Council who placed ITMO second in terms of digital internationalization.   


  • English at ITMO: From ABC to ESP

    In the first part of our article, we talked about how English at ITMO has developed over the past few years since the start of Project 5-100. Beyond the intensive general English classes offered, third year students are now offered special classes to help them develop their language skills in the context of their chosen educational program.


  • Diving into Internationalization: ITMO’s English Upgrade

    The word “robot” was first introduced to the English language in 1921 by the Czech playwright Karel Čapek. His play, Rossum’s Universal Robots (RUR), explored the dark reality of humanity’s future if we build robots to do our bidding. Last Friday’s performance of RUR by ITMO students is one of the many projects and developments advanced by the Foreign Language Training Center, established just over three and half years ago.


  • Arizona University Expert: Why People Don’t Want to Learn Foreign Languages

    People all over the world are still reluctant to learn new languages – even English, which is commonly seen as the new global language. We spoke about this topic with Robert Cote, Director of the Writing Skills Improvement Program at the University of Arizona, who came to ITMO University for the ESP Conference. Robert explained why no one can ever fully learn a language, why it’s important to start soon and why language learning can never work without tutors and group work.