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  • Schrödinger's Croissant: How ITMO Experts Explain Science With Pastry

    ITMO University, along with the Bushe bakery chain, released a collaborative pop-sci project called Schrödinger's Croissant. This is a limited-edition pastry with a secret filling and a QR code to a set of short clips by the university’s scientists that explain the concepts behind multiverse, teleportation, and other mysteries of the quantum world. ITMO.NEWS caught up with the project’s experts for some rapid fire questions about how they pulled it off and challenged them to explain some complex ideas in plain language.


  • Science and Pastry Combined: ITMO and Bushe Bakeries Launch Joint Pop-Sci Project Schrödinger's Croissant

    Starting today, November 10, customers of the Bushe bakery chain can enjoy a Schrödinger-themed croissant with a secret filling created jointly with ITMO University – and then have complex physics explained to them by the university’s top-notch experts.


  • Ivan Chai: Better Than Tea

    Tea wasn’t introduced to Russia until the 17th century, but it wasn’t a big deal – there are hundreds of herbs that our ancestors used to make delicious and healthy brews. Ivan chai is the leader in this domain: it’s widespread, super healthy, and delicious.


  • Ice Cream for Stress Relief: ITMO Scientists Create Functional Food Products Using Bioactive Substances

    The modern lifestyle and the pandemic cause stress, an increased workload, and growing antibiotic resistance. In their turn, these factors lead to low immunity and diseases, including the neurodegenerative kind. Scientists from ITMO’s Faculty of Biotechnologies are working on a project that aims to solve these challenges through the application of biologically active substances in the development of new food products. The project has already received support from the Russian Science Foundation. ITMO.NEWS contacted Natalia Yakovchenko, the head of the project and of ITMO’s Functional & Specialized Nutrition specialization of the FoodTech program.


  • Nutraceuticals, Prosumerism, and Other Current FoodTech Trends

    Earlier this year, ITMO’s School of Biotechnology and Cryogenic Systems hosted Food BioTech, a major conference on the latest achievements in foodtech – an interdisciplinary field that brings together food production, IT, medicine, and research. Experts discussed the topical trends in the field, including functional foods, food quality and safety, sustainable development and green technologies, as well as the key to digitalizing footech and the changes in opinions on personal nutrition that were brought on by the pandemic. 


  • ITMO Hosts Session of the International Academy of Refrigeration

    ITMO University has recently held a regular session of the International Academy of Refrigeration during which its members discussed the latest technologies in sports and industry, Arctic exploration, and advanced projects on refrigeration systems, as well as frozen and refrigerated products.


  • ITMO University Scientists Work on New Properties for Bread and Beer

    Scientists from ITMO University’s School of Biotechnology and Cryogenic Systems actively focus on making everyday foods better, safer and more accessible. By replacing just one ingredient in a bread formulation, the researchers managed to make this product more resistant to microorganisms that cause it to spoil. Now, they are experimenting with replacing the same ingredient in beer. If this goes well, the drink will be less strong and will acquire probiotic properties. ITMO.NEWS contacted the scientists to find out how beer’s properties depend on yeast, and also how bread can fall victim to rope spoilage.