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  • ITMO University Grant Competition: Participants and Projects

    ITMO’s School of Biotechnology and Cryogenic Systems has recently held an R&D project competition; the winning projects will receive funding from ITMO University.


  • Arctic Snacks: ITMO University Researchers Develop Functional Foods for Far North Regions

    Regions of the Far North make up more than half of Russia’s total area. A large part of these territories is found in the Arctic zone, where environmental conditions present a serious challenge to the inhabitants. The issue of nutrition is a major one in these areas, especially for people involved in demanding physical work. A group of graduate and postgraduate students from ITMO University are developing a solution to the issue in the form of a balanced ready-to-eat meals for consumption in cold weather conditions. The project has recently been showcased during the 11th Eurasian Science Forum “25 Years of Eurasian Integration: Origins, Realities, Potential”.


  • Taiwanese Nutrition Scientist on Foodsharing, Functional Foods, and Grashopper Protein

    Dr. Venkatakrishnan Kamesh is a renowned specialist in functional food and nutraceuticals. He is currently a researcher at Chung Shan Medical University (Taiwan) and a guest lecturer at many universities of India and Taiwan, with his topics ranging from food biology and clinical biochemistry to physiology, pharmacology and biotechnological innovations. Dr. Kamesh recently gave a course at ITMO University. In this interview, he speaks about the future of functional food and nutraceuticals, key issues of the food industry, and their many prospective solutions. 


  • #10YearChallenge in Technology

    Modern technologies make our life way easier: credit cards, smartwatches, robots, virtual reality, and functional foods are no longer a novelty, but part and parcel of our daily routine. In this article, we’ll tell you about how people’s life and the world around us have changed over the last decade.


  • ITMO Scientists’ Research at Sino-Russian Symposium at Harbin Institute of Technology

    On December 21-23, the Harbin Institute of Technology (China) hosted the third Sino-Russian Symposium on Food Technologies and Equipment. ITMO University representatives participated in the event and presented the results of their latest research in the field of nonconventional raw materials and functional foods.


  • Foodtech: Functional Nutrition Trends in Russia

    In Russia, most startups in the field of Foodtech focus on food delivery only. Still, globally, Foodtech has a much more comprehensive meaning: it is about digital technologies making their way into all fields of food industry. For the past years, the international market of foodtech startups has been developing most rapidly. In Russia, this field looks quite promising, as well. So, what are the key trends that anyone who wants to focus on Foodtech has to keep track of?


  • Functional Drink to Beat Alcohol Addiction

    Scientists from ITMO’s Department of Food Biotechnology (Vegetable Stock) together with colleagues from St. Petersburg Institute of Experimental Medicine, and St. Petersburg State University’s Department of Biology are currently working on a functional beverage enriched in biologically active components which can beat alcohol addiction. The project is coordinated by Sergey Eresko, a Master’s student at the Department of Biology at SPbU. According to the developers, the beverage is enriched with plant components, which help to reduce ghrelin levels, and thereby suppress alcohol cravings. The team is going to first test the beverage on animals, and then produce a pilot batch.


  • Edible Coating Makes Food Last Longer, Reduces Waste

    ITMO University is developing polymer coatings for food products that nearly double their shelf-life. Such coatings can be easily rinsed off with water, and are also edible. Alexander Podshivalov, their developer and engineer for ITMO’s Department of IT in the Fuel and Energy Industry explains more about his product that has recently gotten the gold medal in the innovative biotechnology solutions contest at the Bioindustry international exhibition.


  • Science Fest: Growth of VR, Functional Food and Why Humanity Will Always Return to Earth

    Virtual reality, the science of the brain, human development and space – these were the topics on the first day of Science Fest that took place this weekend at creative space “Lumier Hall”. The visitors attended lectures about the future of VR, prospective professions, functional food and first-hand accounts about the experience of being in space. In addition, the creative space held workshops on robotics, augmented reality, game development and other topics.