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  • What To See at ITMO’s Museum of Optics This Winter Break

    The building located on Birzhevaya Liniya 14 has a rich history: in the early 1860s, it was owned by the Eliseevsky merchant dynasty, and since the 1920s, it has housed a state optical institution, where a graduate of ITMO University recorded the first-ever 3D art hologram. The structure now houses ITMO's Museum of Optics – the first university-based interactive museum that not only introduces visitors to cultural heritage items but also lets them practically feel the magic of science. Here are the top exhibits to see at the museum.


  • How Holograms Can Help Preserve Artworks – And Even Restore Those Lost to Time

    Researchers from ITMO have proposed a novel method of art digitalization that utilizes analog holography and photogrammetry to produce more life-like 3D models of objects. Unlike commonly used techniques, the developed method can create highly accurate digital copies of artworks, including those deemed forever lost. The results of the study (part 1 and part 2) were published in Journal of the Optical Society of America A.


  • Fundamental Holography: ITMO Researchers Develop Method for Printing Holograms in Color

    Scientists from ITMO’s ChemBio Cluster developed a method for printing holograms in color in a project supported by the Russian Science Foundation. At the core of the method are volume Bragg gratings, special films with reflecting properties. The proposed technology is extremely simple and doesn’t require any costly equipment. At the same time it has the potential to help produce full color holograms even on a regular printer. This project is a result of collaboration with Krypten, a scientific production organization specializing in optical protection for banknotes, documents, and trademarks. 


  • Brain as a Hologram: Exploring Vision at ITMO’s Museum of Optics

    Interdisciplinarity is all the rage right now, and it’s no longer chic to stay within the narrow boundaries of your own subject. By now, you would have definitely heard about infochemistry or bioinformatics, but what about combining physics and neurophysiology? In this article, we will tell you how these subjects converge at ITMO’s Museum of Optics that creates a unique environment for new insights into vision and mind. 


  • Picture of the Week: A Holographic Image in the Augmented Reality System

    Thanks to a special technology, the image can be seen both up close and from afar – its levels of brightness and contrast remain equally high.


  • ITMO University Engineers Take First Steps Towards Creating Holograms of Underwater Objects

    A group of researchers from ITMO’s Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies is conducting experiments on creating holograms of underwater objects. The first stage of the experiment, which involves taking high-resolution pictures of people moving underwater, took place at a swimming pool outside of St. Petersburg. Andrey Karmanov, the head of the project and an associate professor, told ITMO.NEWS about the challenges of creating holograms of underwater objects and the possible effect the project will have on robotics.


  • Not Conflict, But Synergy: On Salvador Dali’s Relationship with Science

    Sergei Stafeev, a professor at ITMO University and a leading expert on optics and art & science, will deliver a lecture titled “Salvador Dali and Science” on February 6 as part of a major exhibition of the Spanish artist’s works. He will examine the examples of harmonious synthesis of science and art, as well as the mutual influence between these fields in the 20th century. We spoke with Professor Stafeev to find out more about the exhibition, Dali’s scientific endeavors, and notable works in the field of art & science.


  • ITMO University Specialists Create AR Objects for 2019 St. Petersburg Open Tennis Tournament

    On September 16-22, St. Petersburg hosted the 24th international tennis tournament ATP 250 St. Petersburg Open. In addition to exciting sports matches, its spectators could enjoy augmented reality imagery created by ITMO University specialists. ITMO.NEWS spoke with the team to learn more about their successes and the challenges of developing AR for this project.


  • Exosuits, Career Guidance Bots, and Water Quality Analysis: Projects by Participants of Congress of Young Scientists

    ITMO University has hosted the 8th Congress of Young Scientists. The aim of this event is to promote science, and especially the University’s areas of focus, among the youth. Among the participants of the Congress are not only students of Russian universities, but also school students from all around the country. Some of them shared insights into their projects with ITMO.NEWS and explained the challenges posed by their work.


  • Magic of Light: ITMO’s Interactive Exhibition in Shanghai

    An interactive exhibition of holographic installations Magic of Light, organized by ITMO University together with the Hellenic Institute of Holography, has just opened its doors for visitors. The exhibition is hosted on 1,000 square meters of Shanghai Science and Technology Museum and features over 150 items, including ultra-realistic full-color holograms, optoclones from the collection of the Hermitage, the Fabergé Museum, and the Diamond Fund.