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  • ITMO Highpark: An Emerging Innovation Center in the South of St. Petersburg

    ITMO Highpark is a world-class research and innovation center, currently under construction in the south of St. Petersburg. The facility will house the university’s new campus with dormitories and research centers, as well as a techno valley with a business park, which will produce innovative high-tech solutions. Read on to learn more about the center and its current construction status.


  • ITMO Highpark Wins Golden Trezzini Award for Architectural Design

    ITMO Highpark, the university’s upcoming world-class research, education, and innovation center, was named the best project of an innovative research and educational cluster by the jury of the international Golden Trezzini Awards. The awards ceremony was held at the Hermitage Theater on November 15.


  • ITMO Highpark to Get Transport Access to Kiyevskoye Shosse

    The highway leading to ITMO Highpark, the university’s up-and-coming research and innovation center, will be widened to make the new campus more easily accessible. This renovation project for Kiyevskoye Shosse has recently been approved by the Government of St. Petersburg.


  • Highlights From ITMO Supervisory Council’s Session

    Who is the driving force behind university development? How can schools and businesses interact more efficiently and boost their mutual engagement? Do universities need joint product partnerships? And what is in the future for ITMO University? These and many other questions were the subjects of discussion at the recent session of ITMO’s Supervisory Council, which took place in ITMO Highpark on August 29.


  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #38

    The new academic year is here! In today’s recap of science-themed reports from ITMO.NEWS, we focus on learning in all its forms: from developments on the awaited ITMO Highpark campus to insights into the Russian higher education system and opportunities for ITMO students. Pens ready, notebooks open? Let’s begin!


  • Time for Business: Notes From ITMO CONF 2023

    A year ago, ITMO University announced a shift towards a new development model – a research and educational corporation. What is it and how does it differ from a regular university? And how can ITMO and its partner businesses create education of the future today? These questions were touched upon at ITMO CONF, an event that gathered together researchers, lecturers, and representatives of Sberbank, Tatneft, Samolet, and other industry leaders.


  • First Stone Laid at ITMO Highpark Construction Site

    On August 30, Valery Falkov, the Minister of Science and Higher Education, Alexander Beglov, the Governor of St. Petersburg, and Vladimir Vasilyev, the Rector of ITMO University, laid the first stone to mark the start of the construction of ITMO Highpark. During the ceremony, a robot manipulator placed an AI-generated message from students, researchers, and lecturers into the grounds of the future world-class research, education, and innovation center.


  • Four-Lane Highway To Connect ITMO Highpark With St. Petersburg

    Equipped with sidewalks, bike lanes, and bus stops, the road (ca. 1.5 kilometers in length) will run along the railway line from an interchange of Kiyevskoye Shosse (near the railway station Kondakopshino) to the administrative borders of St. Petersburg.


  • St. Petersburg Administration Approves Utility Connection for ITMO Highpark

    The St. Petersburg administration’s Tariffs Committee has approved the link-up of ITMO Highpark’s boiler facilities to the city-wide utilities network. The corresponding decision was made at a committee session on April 17.


  • Contractor Named for First Construction Phase of ITMO Highpark

    The tender for construction of the first phase of ITMO Highpark was awarded to the company PolitekhStroy. The works are planned to be completed in June 2025.