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  • Student Spotlight: Selamwit Kassaye, Ethiopia

    Selamwit Kassaye is a robotics and AI maven from Ethiopia. We met during the Russian Robotics Week and dove right into all things robots, co-bots, and of course, Avengers! She shared many insights about this amazing field. Read on to learn more about our discussion.


  • Schneider Electric Becomes Key Partner of Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems Master's Program

    ITMO University and the international power equipment manufacturer Schneider Electric have entered a partnership agreement. According to the document, the partners will jointly develop and launch a corporate Master’s program that will develop the project based learning approach by involving the faculty and students in next-gen projects at modern manufacturing facilities.


  • Professor Fabio Bonsignorio on the Need of Reproducibility of Robotic Research and the Future of the Economy

    Circular economy, Industry 4.0, automation, autonomous cars - we’ve been hearing these terms a lot in the past several years. Still, the interrelations between the associated phenomena are not quite evident. Fabio Bonsignorio, a professor of the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa (Italy) and one of the leading scientists in the field of biorobotics and future technologies has recently delivered a lecture at ITMO University and spoke with us about how blockchain and robots will change the economy.


  • Russian And German Students Collaborate On An Industry 4.0 Project

    According to the estimates from the World Bank and General Electrics, the widely discussed Industry 4.0 can bring the world’s economy up to 30 trillion dollars. Even though fully-automated operations where robots and program agents are solely responsible for the production cycle are still more of a dream than reality, some of Europe’s top companies have already started to introduce Industry 4.0 concepts in their work. A model of a multi-agent system is now being developed by ITMO students in collaboration with their colleagues from Hochschule Emden/Leer. ITMO.NEWS interviewed them about the project.


  • Robot Economics: How Industry 4.0 Will Change Our Life

    Have you heard of robot economics? Robot economics is the economics of robotization. People have been talking about “robots replacing people” for a long time, but robot economics isn’t just about the automation of tasks – first and foremost it is a system in which humans interact with robots. This technological challenge can open the doors into a world in which all industrial processes are tracked, deals are 100% transparent and pizza is delivered by drones. Yet this future also comes with many risks and unsolved problems. These were discussed at Airalab’s Robonomics-2017 conference last month.