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  • The Results of ITMO’s First Large-Scale Study of Quality of Life in Academia

    An interdisciplinary team from ITMO’s Institute of International Development and Partnership and Center for Science Communication has summed up the results of a large-scale study of health and quality of life meant to determine the factors that affect the health and overall well-being of the university’s students and staff. The first stage of the study involved 394 participants who had to fill out a questionnaire about their lifestyles, well-being, and mental health. Apart from the questionnaire, 284 participants have also taken a blood test. Their results were then compared to standards in their age group. Read on to learn more about the main findings of the survey and the future of the project.


  • ITMO University and Gazprom Neft Launch Energy Club

    The new club will host hackathons, lectures, seminars, and internship programs for students in the oil and gas sector to help them learn how to solve high-tech energy tasks.


  • ITMO University Staff and Students Receive Awards for Participating in #WeAreTogether

    The most active volunteers and partners of the #WeAreTogether initiative (link in Russian) received medals and certificates for helping the elderly and people with reduced mobility during the pandemic. In this ITMO.NEWS article, the participants from ITMO University shared how they decided to start helping others and what they expect to happen next with the project.


  • ITMO University’s Digital Volunteers: Who They Are and How They Transform Education Processes

    Nine ITMO University students have completed a four-day training course at 20.35 University to become certified digital volunteers. During the intensive course, the students familiarized themselves with online communication services (Zoom and Discord), discovered how to organize online learning, monitor university and school students’ progress, and learned to implement gamification of study subjects using ClassDojo and Mozilla Hubs. ITMO.NEWS contacted the newly qualified digital volunteers to find out about possible applications for this knowledge and skills and the development of digital volunteering in the country. 


  • ITMO University Develops App For Online March of the “Immortal Regiment”

    Earlier in the year, the pandemic brought serious changes to the lives of people all over the world and led to the cancellation or rescheduling of many events. Among other things, the epidemiological situation makes it impossible to conduct marches of the “Immortal Regiment,” a tradition that many Russians have already become accustomed to. Its organizers decided to conduct the event online and give people the opportunity to remember their veteran relatives and tell their stories. Specialists from ITMO’s National Center for Cognitive Technologies helped them by proposing to conduct the event online using the framework of their app HowWeSurvive.


  • Zooniverse: Help Study Polar Animals While Staying at Home

    If by the end of the second week of self-isolation  you’re already almost out of TV shows and books that you’ve been wanting to watch or read for some time, this is an article for you! It turns out that thanks to the Zooniverse project, you can participate in the initial processing of data on the population of animals that inhabit the polar regions, as well as partake in other projects, without leaving your home. ITMO.NEWS assistant editor Konstantin Krylov spent last week doing that, and is now sharing his experience.


  • Entrepreneur Evgeny Mutovkin on Helping Volunteers and Cooperating with His Alma Mater

    Amid the spread of the novel coronavirus, ITMO’s Volunteer Center has launched an initiative to help the university’s older staff. The volunteers deliver groceries and medicines, and also help to tune in online services for those who are forced to observe a strict quarantine due to being especially at risk. Entrepreneur Evgeny Mutovkin, a former student of ITMO University, has supported the student initiative by equipping the volunteers with electric scooters rented by his company to make the delivery faster. He speaks about his cooperation with his alma mater and himself in this interview with ITMO.NEWS.


  • I Am a Professional Competition for Students: ITMO in Top Ten Universities by the Number of Winners

    Last week, results were announced of the latest, third run of the national competition for students “I Am a Professional”. ITMO retained its position in the ranking of the universities with the highest number of winners: 94 of its students made it to the finals this year, with 10 winning bronze, six – silver, and four – gold medals. Most of the winners emerged in the nominations traditional to ITMO: Robotics, Programming and Software Engineering, Information and Cyber Security. More on the competition’s results – in this article by ITMO.NEWS.


  • Family to the Rescue: ITMO Volunteers Launch Effort to Help University’s Older Staff Members

    It’s common knowledge that the elderly are the most susceptible to the risks of COVID-19. At the same time, they find self-isolation especially hard, as they can’t carry lots of products to their homes and need to purchase medicine more often. Members of ITMO’s Volunteer Center offer help to the university’s older staff members. ITMO.NEWS talked to the center’s coordinator in order to learn how to become a volunteer or call on their support.


  • ITMO Technopark and Highpark Launch Pre-Accelerator Program

    ITMO Technopark launched the Pre-accelerator educational program for St. Petersburg entrepreneurs. The course was created in collaboration with ITMO Highpark for the purpose of helping startupers in the early stages. In the course of three months, its participants will be testing their ideas, developing business models, finding consumers and creating the MVP, a minimum viable product for entering the market. Learn more in this article by ITMO.NEWS.