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  • ITMO Alumnus Ilya Lazerson on Why Chefs Should Have Higher Education

    Today, Ilya Lazerson is one of the most prominent chefs in St. Petersburg and Russia. He worked with owners of world-class restaurants in Europe, published numerous cookbooks, hosted more than one TV show, and joined the Eda (Food) TV channel. These days, Ilya is also a famous YouTube blogger with over a million subscribers. He became interested in cooking when he was fifteen years old and in the 90s, he graduated from the Leningrad Technological Institute of Refrigeration Industry (currently, part of ITMO’s School of Biotechnology and Cryogenic Systems). ITMO.NEWS talked to the star chef to learn more about his student years and media presence, as well as what he thinks about the current foodtech trends and the importance of university education for chefs.


  • Top Russian Manager Alexander Zverev on His Career in Yandex and Ways to Inspire Students

    Alexander Zverev, an ITMO graduate and the head of Business Development at Yandex.Verticals, was ranked among the top 1,000 Russian managers in the Online Platforms category. Every year, the Russian Managers Association and newspaper Kommersant conduct expert voting to award the best professionals across the country. ITMO.NEWS talked to Alexander to learn more about his career path, what differs Yandex from other companies, and what traits and skills modern graduates should work on.


  • ITMO Graduate Alexey Ivanov on Life and Work in Silicon Valley

    Having moved to the United States ten years ago, Alexey Ivanov is now a principal engineer at Dropbox. ITMO.NEWS talked to the ITMO graduate to learn more about what difficulties he faced when moving to a new country, how much IT specialists earn in Silicon Valley, and how different business cultures in Russia and abroad are.


  • ITMO Top Graduate 2021 Anna Voloshina Shares Her Success Story

    Anna Voloshina has recently completed her Master’s degree at ITMO’s Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations and was named among the best graduates of St. Petersburg. ITMO.NEWS met with Anna to learn more about her experience at ITMO University.


  • ITMO Graduate Andrey Nikolaev on Patent Landscape and His Career in Academia and Industry

    Andrey Nikolaev graduated from ITMO University with a Specialist’s degree in Customs Affairs and then a PhD in Economics and Management. His goal was to become a professor and researcher in the field of intellectual property.


  • ITMO Graduate Nikolai Golos on Brainstorming and Launching a Startup

    By the end of his Master's studies, Nikolai Golos, now an ITMO graduate, had already launched two startups – the Funbo gaming project and Metrica.Guru analytics service – while still working at Tinkoff bank. ITMO.NEWS met with Nikolai to learn more about coming up with innovative ideas for new projects and launching your own startup.


  • A Breath of Fresh Air in Science: ITMO Graduate on Finding Herself in Science, Interdisciplinarity and Bioinformatics

    This year, Natalia Petukhova graduated from ITMO’s Master’s program Bioninformatics and Systems Biology. She was also recently named the head of the Bioinformatics Research Center of Pavlov University. In this ITMO.NEWS article, she talks about her decision to get a Master’s degree after acquiring her PhD. 


  • ITMO Graduate ‪Andrei Gorodetsky on His Career, European Science, and Work in Different Countries

    Andrei Gorodetsky received his PhD degree at ITMO’s Faculty of Photonics and Optical Information in 2010. Now, he works at the University of Birmingham and continues to supervise projects at ITMO University.


  • Keeping the Balance Between Creativity and Technology: Ekaterina Doronina on Her Path to Self-Discovery

    In this ITMO.NEWS interview, Ekaterina Doronina shares her thoughts on how to become an interdisciplinary designer, do an internship at the Alexandrinsky Theatre, work on major projects for museums, and find yourself.


  • ITMO Graduate Stanislav Krasnoyarov’s Journey From a Full-Time Employee to His Own Business

    After studying at ITMO University in the early 2000s, Stanislav Krasnoyarov worked his way up from a full-time IT specialist to the founder of his own business. ITMO.NEWS talked to him about entrepreneurship as a never-ending series of challenges and the best way to improve yourself.