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  • Antivirus Invention by Scientists of ITMO’s ChemBio Cluster Soon to Appear in Shops

    A unique virus and bacteria inhibitor, Blocker has become the first product released by Inno-Colloids, a small innovative enterprise based at ITMO University. Soon, it can be found on the shelves of the supermarket chain Lenta.


  • An Invention in 100 Days for 10 Million People: ITMO’s Faculty of Physics and Engineering Launches a 10-Year Anniversary Contest

    ITMO University’s Faculty of Physics and Engineering is launching Simple Innovations, a contest for young entrepreneurs. It’s open for participation to any beginning engineer, school or university student living in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad District. ITMO.NEWS explains all about what kind of applications the contest’s organizers are after, why it’s being launched in the first place and what prize awaits the lucky winners.


  • Maker Faire Program Director Sabrina Merlo: Most People Are Already Makers

    Sabrina Merlo – the program director of Make magazine’s San Francisco-based Maker Faire and the producer and co-founder of East Bay Mini Maker Faire – came to St. Petersburg to deliver a lecture to the students of ITMO University and speak about the phenomenon of maker culture. A writer for ITMO.NEWS met with Sabrina to learn more about the Maker's Bill of Rights and how being a maker can be a remedy for depression.


  • Project by ITMO Robotics Team Named Best at Baltic Science and Engineering Competition

    ITMO University’s team from the Creative Robotics Laboratory of the School of Computer Technologies and Control have for the fifth time emerged winners of the Baltic Science and Engineering Competition. The main prize in the robotics category went to Vasily Dunaev and Dmitry Kharlapenko from the Presidential Physics and Mathematics Lyceum №239, who presented a model of an autonomous system capable of looking after easily-damageable fruit and berries and delivering them to customers when ripe. It wasn’t the first win for their Strawberry Fields project, who’d already claimed first place at the World Robot Olympiad 2018 in Thailand. ITMO.NEWS met the team to talk about how they prepared for the competition and what they expect to come of their project in the future.


  • Five Simple DIY Devices

    In the spirit of the Kid Inventors’ Day celebrated all over the world on January 17, we at ITMO.NEWS have joined our forces with the ITMO.KIDS Technopark for Children to present five devices that are easy to do at home. All of them have different uses, from doing household chores to playing games or just being very  instagrammable . A hydraulic powered robotic arm, a smart pet feeder, and an air balloon able to pull off a launch into the stratosphere: read on and start creating!


  • Scientists Developed New Contactless Method of Measuring Blood Flow in Hands

    A research team from ITMO University and the Almazov Center proposed a new contactless method for measuring blood flow in the upper limbs. The method is based on video recording of the skin surface under green light measuring the absorption of red blood cells. This helps to see how effective the circulatory system and the blood flow regulation are. The experimental results showed that the proposed method is as accurate as the traditional one. However, it is easier in use, cheaper, and fits more patients. The research was supported by the Russian Science Foundation (grant 15-15-20012) and published in Biomedical Optics Express.


  • School Students Present Their Inventions At the St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum

    Last Friday, the School Patent: IP Leaders BarCamp took place at the St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum. Young inventors and experts in the field of patent law discussed the relevant issues related to patenting inventions and ideas. Read more about the different projects by talented youngsters in an article by our news portal.


  • ITMO's Metamaterial MRI-Boosting Invention Praised by St. Petersburg Government

    A project by scientists from ITMO’s Department of Nanophotonics and Metamaterials that aims to improve the speed and quality of MRI scanning has won the first place in a competition for innovative projects in science and higher education. The competition was organized by the administration of St. Petersburg. Winners were announced at the St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum (SPIIF). The scientists’ invention shortens the time needed to perform an MRI scan by half and makes it cheaper.


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