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  • Going Wireless: Businesses Discuss Advances in Energy Tech

    Wireless power transfer (WPT) helps cut down on dangerous emissions and improve quality of life; however, this technology isn’t widespread in Russia and needs improvements. ITMO University, MTS, and other tech companies recently held a roundtable discussion on new solutions for the WPT market and presented Russian solutions for industry and transportation. Read on to find out more about the technologies used in WPT and the challenges faced by developers in the field.


  • MTS to Teach ITMO Students to Develop Recommendation Systems in Python

    MTS, a Russian telecom company, has launched a course on the development of recommendation systems using Python for the joint online Master’s program Machine Learning Engineering delivered by ITMO University and Napoleon IT. Over three weeks, big data specialists from MTS will give lectures, seminars, and Q&A sessions, as well as offer tasks based on the company’s actual cases using open-source data and frameworks.


  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #8

    Welcome to our rundown of the past two weeks’ best science news from ITMO University. In this installment: genetic research, a new corporate laboratory, a Master’s program in AI, a hackathon, and an exhibition of science art.


  • Systems-on-a-Chip and Truly Smart Devices: MTS AI and ITMO Launch a New Lab

    A new corporate lab by MTS AI has recently opened at the Faculty of Software Engineering and Computer Systems. One of its key research fields is Edge AI technologies that stand for programming on compact neuroaccelerators and systems-on-a-chip. Specialists from MTS AI will teach students as part of the Design and Development of AI Systems program. We talked to Anton Maslov, the leading developer of the company about the technology’s prospects and the collaboration between MTS and ITMO University. 


  • Orbi Prime’s Co-Founder on Hockey Helmets With Panoramic Cameras, 5G, and Startup Program by MTS

    ITMO Technopark resident Orbi became a participant of the MTS Startup Hub program for companies that work with 5G technologies. The telecommunication giant got interested in two inventions by the St. Petersburg startup: shades with a 360-degree camera and a sports helmet that has a similar camera for shooting panoramic videos. Orbi’s team member told ITMO.NEWS when users will get the opportunity to stream 360-degree videos and why they need 5G to do that.


  • First Results of ITMO and MTS Joint Acceleration Program

    This spring, ITMO University launched its first acceleration program developed together with a major company – the 5G-focused track ITMO Accelerator + MTS. ITMO.NEWS reached out to the winners and organizers of the startup to learn about their experience.


  • Esports, Mental Health, and AR: Demo Day at Joint ITMO and MTS Accelerator

    On July 24, residents of the ITMO Accelerator joined the program's Demo Day. Over the course of three months, 45 startups worked on their projects under the guidance of experienced mentors, and only 25 made it to the finals. They all took part in Demo Day, presenting short pitches before members of the jury and potential investors. 


  • MTS and ITMO Launch Master’s Program on Conversational AI

    MTS PJSC (NYSE: MBT, MOEX: MTSS), Russia’s largest telecommunications and digital services provider, and ITMO University announce the launch of the Conversational AI Technologies specialization as part of the System and Applied Software Master’s program of the School of Computer Technologies and Control. Admission to the program has already been opened and the first students will enroll this fall. 


  • ITMO University’s Accelerator and MTS Launch an Online Program for 5G Developers

    ITMO University and MTS, one of the largest Russian telecommunication companies and a digital services provider,  are launching a new program for the 5G track. It’s meant for the residents of ITMO University’s Accelerator: for technological entrepreneurs who, after completing the program, can become MTS 5G Center’s residents in Moscow and receive a grant for the development of solutions in this field.


  • ITMO University Graduate Alexandra Bystrova: You Can Always Find Your Identity in a New Field, City or University

    Alexandra Bystrova graduated from ITMO first with a Bachelor’s degree in “Informatics and Computer Hardware and Software” and then a Master’s degree in “Technological Entrepreneurship and Innovation Economics”. She now lives in Moscow. Over the last couple of years, she went from a student just out of university to a product manager position in MTS, one of the largest Russian telecommunication companies. ITMO.NEWS asked Alexandra how she became part of the MTS team, what was the reason for her relocation to Moscow, what forms of sexism a young woman should expect to encounter in IT and why you should never give up after yet another failure.