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  • NTI FoodNet: How Food Science and New Technologies Can Save the Planet

    On November 27, the team of the National Technological Initiative presented a vision statement of a roadmap for the development of the  FoodNet market in Russia. On the team was Olga Orlova, head of the Digitalization of Food Technologies group at ITMO’s Infochemistry Scientific Center and head of the FoodTech Entrepreneurship specialization at ITMO’s Innovative Entrepreneurship Master’s program. In this article, we tell you all about FoodNet and its development in Russia.


  • NTI Olympiad Winner Vsevolod Kosarev: The Best Prize is Knowing Where to Go Next

    The National Technological Initiative (NTI) olympiad for high school and Bachelor’s students has been held since 2015 and is part of the national program for technological development. Among its organizers are more than 30 Russian universities, including ITMO University, Skoltech, Moscow Polytechnic University, MIPT, St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Tomsk Polytechnic University, and others. This year, more than 200 university and 1,200 school students took part in the final stage, with over 50,000 applications submitted in total. Among the winners (as part of team Antares) was Vsevolod Kosarev, a first-year student at ITMO University’s Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, Vsevolod told us about the competition, working on smart enterprise systems, and how the online format changed the team’s approach to their project.


  • ITMO University Students Win NTI Competition

    At the beginning of March, a number of ITMO University students went to Innopolis University to participate in the Competition of the National Technology Initiative, which they ended up winning. Previously held exclusively for school students, in 2019 the competition was spread to university students. By participant’s accounts, the organization process wasn’t always up to standard, but the four days of dynamic work and exciting collaborations at the state-of-the-art science center and communication were worth it. More on the competition and life in Innopolis below.


  • Future of NTI Centers Discussed at NTI Ecosystem Forum in Sochi

    On December 6-7, the Russian city of Sochi hosted the forum ‘Ecosystem of the NTI: Strategy of the Future’. Over 300 representatives of the NTI (National Technology Initiative) community, including those from ITMO University, gathered to discuss long-term plans and new projects, as well as to recap on this year’s developments and recognize the achievements of the community members. Russia’s scientific and technological development in the coming years was the main topic of the forum.


  • National Technology Revolution 20.35: Universities as Driving Force of Change

    Today’s universities institute innovation ecosystems, where they send their graduates equipped with skills necessary for working in a hi-tech company. They create new businesses and jobs in the innovation sector by launching their intellectual property on the market. They also contribute to the development of urban fringes. According to the participants of a roundtable taking place as part of the third BarCamp ‘National Technology Revolution 20.35’, which has recently been held in St. Petersburg’s ‘Tochka Kipeniya’ coworking space, a modern university should adopt the paradigm of ‘changing itself, its environment, and then, people’. ITMO.NEWS reports on the highlights of this discussion.


  • NTR 20.35 BarCamp Explored Prospects for Neural Interfaces

    For the third year in a row, the city of St. Petersburg has become the host of the BarCamp ‘National Technology Revolution 20.35’, an informal educational conference organized by participants themselves. This time, all its lectures and workshops were dedicated to the topic of increasing the competitive performance of Russian companies and expanding their presence on the global markets. The roundtable on ‘Promotion strategies for exporting hi-tech Neuronet solutions onto local markets’ was one of the barcamp’s main events. ITMO.NEWS jotted down the keynotes from the speakers’ presentations.


  • Island 10-21: Russian First Educational Program For Data Economy and NTI Specialists

    Island 10-21, the first intensive workshop hosted by the University of National Technology Initiative (NTI) together with the Russian Venture Company, the Data Economy nonprofit organization, and Far Eastern Federal University, was held on Russky Island on July 10-21. More than 1,000 people attended the event. ITMO University became the workshop education partner: the university’s experts organized a series of study sessions on intellectual property, technological entrepreneurship, cognitive technologies, and scientific communication.


  • Island 10-21 Welcomes Future Technological Leaders

    This July (10-21) the University of National Technical Initiative "20.35" will hold its first intensive training course for 1000 Russian technological leaders on Russky Island. The training organizers (University of NTI "20.35", ASI, RVC, Data Economy Russia 2024 and FEFU) will use these eleven days to provide the participants with all the skills necessary for digital economy development that usually take months to acquire. The participants will work with big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, new and portable energy sources, wireless technologies, neuro-technologies, virtual and augmented reality and new production technologies.  In this article, we will tell you what awaits the participants and how to become one as well as whether the project is worth skipping a few nights of your usual 8-hour sleep.


  • "Assemble a University": Nationwide Hackathon Contributes to NTI Project

    The new educational project University 20.35 has been launched as part of Russia’s National Technology Initiative. Its goal is to train the specialists of the future who will implement projects for high-tech markets. University 20.35 will be a digital network university that will make use of the country's best programs and courses. Every student’s educational path will be personalized and based on modules. University 20.35 is currently in its development stage; from November 7 to 9, a nationwide hackathon “Assemble a University” has been conducted so as to contribute to its creation. Students,  developers and startupers presented their ideas and prototypes of instruments that can be used for the project; ITMO.NEWS learned about the future university from the very people who aspire to study there.


  • TechNet: New Opportunities for Innovative Startups

    In future, all companies will share the same manufacturing processes and technologies and use similar equipment and materials. This is why it will be the intellectual component of their product that will provide most of the competitive advantage, as it is something that can't easily be copied. The ability to adapt a product to the rapidly changing market will be essential, as well. Production chain will change, too: major companies will make use of services provided by small innovative businesses by outsourcing particular tasks; products and technological processes will have "digital doubles", and robotization will extrude the human factor. The TechNet workgroup will be developing such an ecosystem as part of the National Technology Initiative; as of now, it offers different startups an opportunity to contribute to its development and get governmental support via the special TechNet program of the GenerationS accelerator.