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  • ITMO University Researchers Shed New Light on Plasmonic Nanolasers

    For six years, a research team from the Photophysics of Surface Laboratory at ITMO’s International Research and Educational Center for Physics of Nanostructures has been studying plasmonic nanolasers – a long-standing subject of debate in the scientific community. The study was conducted as part of a Russian Presidential Grant.


  • ITMO University Researchers Develop New Technique for Production of Plasmonics Devices

    Using a complex real-time mathematical analysis model, the researchers will now be able to manipulate the process of creating photonic and plasmonic components in order to produce the exact needed optical properties.


  • MSU Student on Working in Different Laboratories and Doing Internship at ITMO

    Alexander Chezhegov, a third-year student at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Physics, took part in the “I am a Professional” competition and the “It’s Your Call!” Winter School that was held at ITMO University last winter. His project focused on creating a hydrophobic coating for solar cells. In July 2018, he did an internship at ITMO’s International Research Center of Nanophotonics and Metamaterials, where he studied hybrid states of light in low-dimensional quantum materials. In his interview with ITMO.NEWS, he shared his experience of working in different research groups.


  • ITMO Participates in SPIE Photonics Europe 2018

    From April 22 to 26, SPIE Photonics Europe 2018 international conference in the field of photonics and nanotechnology took place in Strasbourg (France). ITMO University was represented by a Master’s student Yulia Raxumova and a PhD student Aysylu Kamalieva from the Department of Optical Physics and Modern Natural Science. Read more about the conference’s procedure and the research presented by ITMO University.


  • ITMO University Online Courses You Can't Miss

    Online learning is becoming increasingly popular today. However, many specific subjects like Plasmonics or Statistical Methods in Innovation Management can’t be found online. This semester, ITMO University is launching three new online-courses on the Open Education Platform and the edX platform.