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  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #40

    Fittingly for this “anniversary” installment of our science digest, we have a whole slew of research updates to share: from anti-cancer and computing breakthroughs to a dive into the science of memes.


  • First in Russia: ITMO to Launch Interdisciplinary Program in Photonics

    ITMO’s new Master’s program in applied photonics brings together quantum technologies, art, optical materials science, femtotechnologies, and terahertz technologies. Find out more about it in this article.


  • First-Ever “Quantum Call” Between Moscow and St. Petersburg Conducted

    Today, on June 8, 2021, the first videoconferencing call has been made using the quantum-encrypted communication line between Moscow and St. Petersburg. Dmitry Chernyshenko, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Oleg Belozyorov, general director and chair of the board of Russian Railways, and Alexander Beglov, Governor of St. Petersburg, took part in the event. ITMO University has been one of Russian Railways’ partners in the implementation of the network.


  • Quantum Science and Laser Spectroscopy: ITMO Hosts 12th Fundamental Problems of Optics Conference

    This Monday, the 12th Fundamental Problems of Optics conference kicked off at ITMO University. This year’s key topics of discussion are quantum communications and the development of theoretical knowledge regarding 6G data transfer. 


  • Quantum Communications Project at ITMO Receives 100 Million Rubles Investment

    A strategic investor has acquired one half of the Quanttelecom project, established by one of ITMO University’s small innovative enterprises. The project produces fiber-optic quantum encryption equipment and systems with a high level of data security. JSC SMARTS, the project’s investor, has announced its plans to upscale the technology and release the product on the Russian and global markets.


  • International Students Share Experiences from ITMO's Summer Camp in Photonics

    The international Research Summer Camp in Photonics at ITMO University has just come to a close. What makes this camp truly special is that participants get to not only attend lectures on photonics but also conduct their own experiments using  top-of-the-line  equipment. ITMO.NEWS asked the participants about their projects and their impressions from the camp.


  • ITMO Dean Sergei Kozlov Receives Auspicious Award

    Sergei Kozlov, Dean of ITMO’s Department of Photonics and Optical Information Technologies was officially awarded the honorary title "Honored Science Worker of the Russian Federation". The title is awarded for significant contribution to the development of science, creation of new scientific schools and outstanding achievements in training young sciencists. The official ceremony for the award was held on December 15 in Smolny Palace, which is the seat of St. Petersburg’s administration. Professor Kozlov told ITMO.NEWS about his scientific interests, ideal team, criteria for successful research and development and new promising areas in photonics.


  • Canadian Experts Test ITMO Quantum Network

    From September 25 to October 6, a group of world-class experts in quantum hacking from the University of Waterloo (Canada), under the guidance of prof. Vadim  Makarov,  analyzed the security of the quantum network created by ITMO University. As result of a joint study, the researchers tested the system for potential vulnerabilities and offered ways to patch them, which is crucial to the practical introduction of the technology. Read our article to learn more about the work conducted at ITMO University, as well as the key prospects for the development of quantum communications in the nearest five years.


  • Scientists Form New Road Map for Photonics and Quantum Communications Development

    Participants of the international roundtable discussion, which was held as part of the METANANO-2017 Conference in Vladivostok, discussed the future of research in photonics and quantum communications in Russia and outlined the goals for scientific collaborations with other BRICS countries. Representatives of various scientific organizations discussed the next steps that need to be undertaken by researchers and the Russian Ministry of Education and Science to make Russia a leader in photonic technologies research.


  • Optics-2017 Conference: Experts Discuss Relevant Technologies of Industrial Photonics

    The 10th international conference for young scientists and specialists Optics-2017 has recently ended in St. Petersburg; the biennial event brings together students, scientists and representatives of the industry. At the Industrial Photonics session, experts from different Russian and international companies spoke about the latest inventions in the field of photonics, new applications of optical technologies and the prospects of their field's development.